UPDATED:A Tubal Ligation and a Hysterectomy before 25!

I wanted to repost because the last post was quick, harsh and not as informative as I wanted it to be so if you read it before, this is a much better read. Considering that this conversation is alw…

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I Can’t Believe that the year has gone by so fast but here we are!!


This isn’t my tree but I think it’s beautiful!!


Christmas is upon us and although I am not a holiday person I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!!

As a kid holidays were not the best when you lived with two alcoholics and drug addicts who fought all the time but we always had a tree (when we could afford it) and when we couldn’t we understood why. We didn’t always have a good meal either (I remember one Christmas all we had to eat was bologna sandwiches) but we were always together.

However those moments has made holidays for me a very BLEH time. We didn’t do the big family gatherings like I see my friends do with theirs and it kind of annoys me. I can’t imagine spending every holiday with my family members – those holidays would be agonizing.

When I had my son, I made sure to give him a good Christmas with a big tree and lots of ornaments. I loved decorating the tree and wrapping his gifts but now that he is 13, the Christmas spirit is no longer within me and I hate the process of preparing for Christmas. We just put our mini tree up a few days ago and it always comes down on Christmas day after he has opened his presents. (Yes, I know that’s quick but I can’t stand the mess).  I do enjoy some eggnog and whisky and the channel that shows nothing but a close up of a fire place with logs burning, it’s such a calm channel.

Even though I am not a Christmasy person (I even HATE Christmas music) I wish all of you a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! If you are the Christmasy type then may you have all the joy in the world. If you are alone, I hope that this would be your last year alone for the holidays. If you are ill and can’t enjoy the day like you’d like to, I wish that you will regain your health and live each day of 2016 like it’s your Christmas every day.

Speaking of 2016. . . .


HOLY Cowabunga it’s here already! I swear it was just January 2015 a few days ago! So much has happened this year. I look forward to what 2016 has in store for me.

I wish all of you the best year ahead and hope to remain a virtual presence with you all.

Be safe if you celebrate the new year like it’s 1999.


-See you all next year!!




I had been wanting to try this lipstick for a while since I seen it on Sephora’s website so when I finally saw it in store in this little gift set with the matches I grabbed it for $23.00

I’ll make this short and sweet. . .


No Scent

Different Shape helps to apply the lipstick better – I’d like all my lipsticks to come shaped like this


The packaging is a nice cool vintage gold color which goes well with the theme the creator wanted to set for this line.


I have not used the match book sticks yet and don’t know if I will, they seem kind of odd but it’s a cool idea and I’m keeping them for a ‘just-in-case’ kind of day.

The wear isn’t long lasting nor drying nor moisturizing. It’s kind of Maybelline with the wear but a bit higher on the scale.

The color is great! It took me ages to decide on a color which is why I hadn’t brought it then I saw the set and said, “What the hell, get this one”


It’s a very nice red-orange.


It’s worth trying out for the shape of the lipstick, the packaging and the colors are cool but I wouldn’t buy another knowing how little lasting power they have.



Kat Von D Liquid Lippie Dupe


BH Cosmetics came out with a liquid lipstick so I snatched one up.  I don’t like buying all colors I like until I’ve tried out the formula! 


Lightweight – it’s like a feather.  Very nice.  Not thick at all.  When putting it on it felt thin and I could see through it but once it dried the full color came through. 


As you can see with the flash its kind of light but very slightly.  (don’t mind my dry ass skin chile!) 

$6.50 ON SALE for the debut but the real cost is $10 now I’m not happy about spending ten when my Kat Von D is $21 but this is a great dupe for Kat so budget wise it’s ok unless you don’t get $35 worth of stuff for free shipping (or is it $50) then you’ll have to pay the standard $3.95 so that becomes $13.95 when $7 more you can get Kat or $6 more for a Stila.  So it’s your battle to choose from but overall not bad on the price.

We all know once matte dries it can go one of many ways.  This one as I mentioned dried fast with a bit of that tight pulling feeling but not like LA Splash Lip Couture tight!! I’ve smiled and opened my mouth wide which i like to do to get the feel of the product being stretched and just like Kat Von D… Stays fabulous!! 

Plus there is no scent!!  If I had to pick a CON it would be that the color online is far brighter than actual.  But that’s it!!

I will order a few more colors! 


The DON’Ts of Video Blog Reviews by a Viewer


I love reading reviews, I will stand in a store and pull up reviews on a product I am thinking about getting to help me decide. I generally read negative reviews mostly because the good reviews all say the same things which is good but I look at the negative to see what unlikely problems people had with items and by that I am able to determine if it will be right for me considering that I already know the good.

I usually only like written reviews because I just don’t like watching videos of people doing anything – I strongly dislike music videos, reality TV, home movies, videos of peoples kids, cats, family etc., and could care less for commercials – so it’s mostly what I can read that interests me however there are some reviews that you may have to watch to get the full idea of the product and that’s ok. For example if I plan on buying new hair (weave) and I am not sure about a company I will watch multiple videos of people detailing the hair to get a good idea of the product but that’s rare but . . . .


When I go for cosmetic reviews, I only read them and I usually am not concerned with how long they take to get to the point because I am reading it, the words may look like a lot but really it’s on a few minutes to read it but when watching a video the length becomes a different story.

My biggest PET PEEVE is when they take forever to get to the product!

thO9ODRM5EI am going to sound really bitchy with this BUT I do not care why you brought the product, I am assuming it’s because you liked it. I don’t want to hear about your issues with uploading videos today, I don’t care about anything other than the product so show me the product!

To click on a video that shows it’s 8:43 long and it’s the last minute that you decide to show the product really burns my biscuits. I always have the volume on mute and thankfully YouTube allows you to see what you are fast-forwarding too so that helps to weed out the BS before the product but people, come onnnn!

So below is a list of don’ts when doing your videos because I am an upstanding citizen who likes to help out when I see an issue that can have some corrective suggestions:


This list may not be for everyone, some people like long and drawn out videos but for those of us who just like to see the product this is what we’d suggest:

DO NOT have this long ass drawn out opening with photo montages of yourself and your makeup or cool skateboard tricks that takes up two full minutes with music – some people really just want a quick look at the product.th7U5XOOHO

DO NOT give us a play-by-play of your day, unless it’s AFTER the product when we can turn it off.

DO NOT put the product in front of your hand unless the lighting is crappy otherwise it’s pointless yet if you do, we don’t need you to do it for a minute straight, we get the point.

DON’T open the product then hold it in your hand while you talk for another ten minutes on your random thoughts on the product that you haven’t tried yet.

DO NOT mispronounce the product, seriously learn how to say it if you brought it

DO NOT put the product on (as in cosmetics) then talk for an extra minute about nothing pertaining to the product.

DO NOT be long winded – if it can take a minute to say then dammit, say it!

DON’T need to see you unboxing a product – I have yet to understand why someone thinks someone would like to see them open up a product, it’s a package, it’s secured. Unless the packaging places a huge part of the review then sure but just to do it doesn’t make sense

DO NOT speak real low and sexy, it’s a review people – say it wit cha chest!

DON’T do slow-mo videos, you’re prolonging an already prolonged video for the purpose of using a cool feature that you don’t need. Especially in make-up, it’s lipstick, I don’t need to see you slowly put it on your lips – this isn’t seduction class folks!thL26BK24K

I know I sound like a nag but sometimes it needs to be said and this may help to get your views and return views up high because no one wants to sit through fluff especially when they came for the product that’s like going to a magic show for 2 hours but you only get the last 15 minutes of show in magic! I will seriously go through about 5 videos until I find one that starts with talking about the product.

Some of us really don’t care about the other stuff and it’s ok to do short videos some times. If you don’t have nothing to say but “Hey I like this product” then say just that and let the product speak for itself.

Forgive me if I’ve ruffled your feathers but I bet the next time you go to upload a video this post will come into your mind.

You are welcome.

Sincerely Me and my Pet


ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Holiday Lip Gloss Set from MACY’S

I am loving the new holiday lip sets coming out and Anastasia has released an awesome set of her top selling lip glosses which I love!

wpid-wp-1443150725941.jpgIf you haven’t tried her lip glosses yet I advise you do!! This set is great because it costs only $40 – yep you read that right, each of these go for $16 a piece so to get 8 FULL SIZED tubes for the price of two is amazeballs!!

The formula isn’t sticky

It actually lasts long (the glitter kinds not so long but long enough)

Can be layered over lipsticks

Clear tube to see product

Slightly scented but nothing too over the top or I couldn’t wear it


I haven’t swatched them all on my lips yet but I wanted to get these out for you to see the lovely colors and will update with lip swatches later this week!

These beauties have fabulous pigments!

These beauties have fabulous pigments!

These have great pigments for a lip gloss. This set has 5 glitter/sheer colors and 3 opaque (the last 3) The gold is such a fun gold on the lips. They all look good on me and I think with the variety of colors that they will look good on almost all skin tones.

I also love her liquid lipsticks – they are not as long lasting as I’d like but they are not drying so it’s a win/win!

One swipe each!

One swipe each!

This set is available at Macy’s for $40 or online at Macys.com (if you go into a Macy’s impulse store ask for the impulse section or they might say they don’t have it cause they just don’t know – I almost had a heart attack when she said “no”)


Let me know what you think!?

Look What’s At Macy’s

Lip Gloss and Lip Stick Lovers look what ABH put into select Macy’s Stores…..


Yep… Just $40 for 8 awesome shades…. WHAT!!!! I am so in love with these and was about to ski a review on the colors I have but I’ll wait until I have these in my hands as well!! 

Check out the colors (from JulesAllure)


Talk about shades….


This deal is almost too good to be true so hurry and pick up your set before they’re all gone!!


Off to the gym I go,  my trainer is almost here

My Everyday FACE Product!

We all – MEN and WOMEN – have those favorite products that we use every day and just can’t get enough of right. . . .so I wanted to introduce you to one of mine and feel free to introduce me to yours (fellas too, I have a teenage son who is all about skin care)

When I did a short stint (meaning I decided against that career and didn’t finish) in school for Esthetics, I learned a lot more about skin care which was AWESOMESAUCE and one of those items was C E FERULIC ACID. We all got a small bottle inside of our kits to try out and I lucked up and won a full sized bottle during a class with a rep for the product.


It’s a preventative product meant to be used in the morning to replenish the vitamin C we lose at night and during sleep.

Website defines it as:

C E Ferulic is a revolutionary antioxidant combination that delivers advanced environmental protection against photo-aging by neutralizing free radicals that can accelerate the appearance of aging.

  • Provides advanced environmental protection against damaging free radicals
  • Increases firmness and replenishes lipids to visibly reduce wrinkles
  • Once absorbed, this serum can’t be washed or rubbed off. It remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours, making it an excellent step in your skincare routine
  • For dry, normal, and sensitive skin

I don’t care for things that say anti-aging cause really – I will age and dammit I will age gracefully because the universe has willed my skin-life that way – but I wanted to give this a try at school and what it did to my skin (face) was noticeable and appreciated.


Oh you read that right hontee, it’s $162.00 for a 1 oz bottle. .  ..YOWZA so you see why I was lucky for winning a full-sized bottle eh!

The price is an obvious CON, I mean who in the hell has $200 bucks (math taught us to round up after 5) for a jar of liquid? I sure as hell don’t but for what it does, dare I say when I run out, I will purchase more.


I was – by the grace of skin gawds – given great skin. Great as in not as nearly many problems as I could have with my skin. I’m a combination skin type with more dryness than anything. I don’t break out very often and when I do I almost always know why and can reverse it.

It cleared my skin and I don’t mean acne clear, I mean visibly cleared my skin. I see more of a glow when I use this product and I checked to be sure I wasn’t tripping and went without it then with it then without and I did see a visible difference which was great.

The one con other than the cost is the SMELL!! This smells like hotdogs, no lie – a consensus was taken in class and well, Hotdogs or hotdog water. Now some of the girls in class were all “ewww”, “gross”, “I’m not putting that on my face” but let me tell you after almost 8 months of use (still on one bottle) the smell literally fades in the 30 seconds you have to wait until you apply anything else on your skin and I mean completely gone. Yea ya fingers might smell but I assume you will wash your hands before applying another product anyway but that’s about it. Do not let the smell deter you from a great product and honestly, after using it for a while the smell no longer bothers me, I know it’s there and I know it will fade.

A few drops is really all you need and no more. This stiff spreads generously!!

My friend who I went to Sephora with in my last post picked up some because she keeps using Retin-A and it’s ruining her skin so I suggested she try this and she grabbed a bottle from Sephora in their Dr. Dennis Gross skincare line which was expensive but not as much as this bottle.

Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think if you do!



A Mini Trip To OZ, I Mean SEPHORA

The other day I went into Sephora to get another sample of Dior foundation because the last one did not match my skin and this new one was like PERFECTO!!! But this post isn’t about that, today.

I saw the rewards that Sephora had on display and decided to indulge in a few. For any of you not familiar with Sephora’s reward program – every dollar you spend is a point that you get and the more points you get the more rewards you can cash them in for. You start out as a Beauty Insider, then a VIB, and VIB Rouge. Each one has their own perks. Check it out and indulge.

I decided to pick up a Josie Maran item and Perricone MD item and then later I came back to the store with a friend who purchased me a BiTE lipstick <SAAWEEEET>


I’ve used Josie’s products but I wanted to try this light argan oil and because I have been wanting to try Perricone MD, I found it a great time to do so.

As with rewards they are trial/travel sizes which offers enough for you to try a product out for a week or maybe longer.

They fit in the palm of my very HD'd hand.

They fit in the palm of my very HD’d hand.


Perricone MD: I love cute little items, sometimes it’s better to me than the product. IN this situation, I like the jar better than the product but the product isn’t bad there is just better out there on the market. It’s listed to be able to: “Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing antioxidant protection. The powers of ALA, DMAE, and vitamin C ester combine to impart a nourished, hydrated, glowing complexion”

It's nestled into it's tiny little box.

It’s nestled into it’s tiny little box.

It’s not as it claims to me especially up against other moisturizers I have tried (like Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47) and after reading a few reviews I find the negative reviews to fit.


Yes this moisturizes but it’s honestly – to me – no better than a regular lotion. My Nivea feels better and soaks into the skin better than this. One review said it smelled like her grandmothers candles and I am not sure what those smell like but I like the smell. It kind of smells like soap and lotion; soation (ha I’m totally coining that phrase!) It’s not old candle smelling but I could say the smell is a bit aged from your usual smell of skin creams however I find it delightful although it does linger around longer than wanted. And for 2fl oz., you’re looking at $75 when the Josie Maran is $32 and adds such a glow to your skin.

The CON for me would be the effects this doesn’t have on my skin at the price it’s offered, I’d expect better.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light: It’s argan oil and we have all pretty much come to learn the good ol’ properties of using argan oil over the past few years so I don’t feel the need to tell you about it in depth.


Argan oil is great for skin and hair and I’ve had some with a really strong smell that’s kind of sweet and some like this one that has more of a castor oil smell – to me. I decided to do a little experiment with these two items because both of them can be used as face moisturizers. I’ll let the photo’s explain.

I rubbed for a few seconds the Perricone into my skin then let it sit for approx. 10 mins.

I rubbed for a few seconds the Perricone into my skin then let it sit for approx. 10 mins.

I did the same with the Josie Maran argan oil.

I did the same with the Josie Maran argan oil (one drop).

The photo’s may not show it as clear as I’d like (both with flash and unfiltered) but as you can see the Perricone MD on the left started out prominent with shine but ten minutes later, it’s a bit dull and it looks a lot more dull in person on my hand. The flash actually gives it more shine than it has. I’m not dry but there is no glow like there is on my right hand.

For the pic on the right you see that the argan oil after ten minutes remains as prominent and shiny as it did ten minutes earlier and it’s still quite shiny on my hand in person. The argan oil is rubbed into the skin but my skin stays with a shiny glow that I – with dry skin- love.

I tried both to see if I was going to go with the Josie Maran moisturizer or try something different and these have shone me that the Perricone – for my skin – doesn’t hold a candle to Josie Maran (her moisturizer really does give you a glow where you don’t even need foundation!)

If you have tried either of these products, let me know what you think?


I love my friends because they know how easy it is to shop for me. I met up with a friend and after checking out her new apartment, which is really sweet, we headed to the Mall of America to Sephora to pick up some goodies for us both. I initially wanted Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss but she is so anti-it due to reviews she read – although I own one lip gloss and liquid lipstick and love them both – I told her I’d get what she thought would look best on me. At first she said Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in Baushaus, which by-the-way is an awesome color and will be my next purchase. BUT I introduced her to BiTE Beauty and wanted to grab one of the new berry colors but they were all out except for the darkest berry color that I did not want (BOOHOO) so I went for my favorite BiTE Beauty lipstick color.


I absolutely find this pink to be the best damn pank on the market. It’s so vibrant yet so creamy yet so long lasting to be so creamy and it glides on like smooth like my virgin Brazilian installed mane sliding ever so gently on my silk pillowcase.

There is one problem with Bite Beauty’s lipstick that bothers my cosmetic soul like a pigmented-lacked lipstick and that’s the melt factor of it. Because they are so creamy they melt a bit quicker than I would like. For example;

This photo shows up close how the lipstick looks after just being in my bag on the way home.

This photo shows up close how the lipstick looks after just being in my bag on the way home.

You see those “sweat” beads, I don’t fancy those and it’s irritating because I feel like the lipstick is already creamy. I did a bit of research and if you look up “sweaty lipstick” you’ll see a few pictures of Bite. Of course this really isn’t sweat and it will dry but I don’t like it. I will put my lipstick in the freezer or the fridge and keep it there until ready to use. It does no harm and when it’s dried it’s fine but it’s not nice to look at it.

The lipstick itself is fine and is a gorgeous color!!


Excuse my shitty camera, I am getting a new phone tomorrow!! YASS Hi 13 megapixels LOLOLOLOLOL

So ladies, gents, fairies, robots, and unicorns, there you have it. Thanks for reading and if you’ve tried any of the products, let me know what you think of them!