When I Need To Remember Something I . . . .


There are countless times when I write myself little To-Do notes on various pieces of this card stock paper I have or sticky post-it notes but I end up leaving them on my desk or in my big ol’ purse or pretty much anywhere they shouldn’t be so I started putting these little notes in my make-up bag.

If there is one thing I open every day when I get home it’s my make-up bag because I put the lipstick of the day back in it’s home and I leave my make-up open on my bathroom counter so that I can put the next days lipstick and any things else make-up related that I need in the bag so it has become the only reliable way to ensure that I do not forget my to-do lists.

It’s also pretty mind-blowing that my make-up bag is the only thing I am sure to look in everyday, that literally deserves an actual LAUGH OUT LOUD!

What do you do to remember your little sticky notes or to-do lists?