Sephora Favorites: Paint It Pink

I love when Sephora bring out the FAVORITES!!!


These sets have become some of my favorites except for the last Sephora favorites: Give Me More Lip – Such a disappointment in the nude category for my dark skin but nevertheless this comes today to make me happy.

Any who lets carry on to the product….it’s a glorious $40 and comes with a full-sized Laura Mercier which to me was the selling point because those are about $27 a piece!


Neatly Packed!


It literally is, minus a liner, a full-faced look which I think is great for an on-the-go look to have with travel sized items.



I adore the color scheme but am a bit worried how it will look on my dark skin. I off the top, do not like the Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss and haven’t tried the other brand items except the lipstick.

I didn’t add the mini beauty blender in the pic because it’s BLAH, it’s mini, lighter weight than I’d prefer and again, nice for traveling and considering I’m going to NY the first week of April, I will take it and this entire look with me.




I was very excited to try Becca because it’s a brand I haven’t tried before.

I love the hardware, very sturdy and sleek and has a tiny mirror too. This is labeled as a “Shimmering Skin Perfector” and it goes on really nice. I appreciate the gorgeous glow it produces on my skin.



Urban Decay

Such an adorable package yet it’s a hard plastic versus the Becca which is of the same harder material made from the regular sized. I love the see through top. I have a few UD palettes and some are hit or miss for me so I am expecting a hit or miss experience. The color is a bit too shimmery for me but it can be a nice accent color to work with.




This is some serious blush that they call 12 hour but if you will notice, this swatch remains on my finger because it would not rub off onto my hand. I had to rub kind of vigorously with my finger to get in onto my cheek but it produced a wonderful coral color.


Make Up Forever and Laura Mercier

I like MUFE lipsticks but this thick gooey Plexi Gloss they created needs to hit the drawing board and chemistry sets again. This color is tolerable because it’s light and I see why they paired it with the Mercier; for a little gloss effect.

I have two mini Laura Mercier lipsticks in the color Milky Way and I like them but I cannot and have not yet – in the 100 or so lipsticks and glosses I own – pay for more than $24 (BiTE) for one and these are $27 and some tax so getting this in this set was a nice bonus! The color is like a few pinks I own. The formula is nice and smooth but not matte yet long lasting which is great. I wish her tubes had more personality, the engraved name on the tube is hidden and I don’t know, I’d prefer a pretty tube is all otherwise it’s a darn good lipstick.



Benefit is becoming my favorite mascara. I have really curly and thin lashes and Benefit thus far has been the only mascara that gives them a thickened appearance and yet doesn’t clunk them. I also adore their mascara wands which are nice and round.

The Deborah Lippman nail polish is basically a clear – no it’s a clear but who doesn’t like a clear polish. I’d hate to pay the price for this to only be clear though.


So there you have it folks….

I used some points to snag a BiTE Beauty mini lipstick of the Amuse Boushe colors they have going on.


As much as I love BiTE their problem is that their colors all look the same. This Radish is the same as my favorite color Palamino, okay maybe it’s a smidge darker but still on the same wavelength. I won’t be purchasing this particular color in the fll size but I love this tiny – and I do mean TINY deluxe sample.


Okie doke, Toodles Ladies and Gents. I am off to the land of sheep.

Until Next time. . . .




$675 for WHAT??

As I am a lover of all things cosmetics, I love a good bargain and I may even splurge and get something a tad bit too expensive because I want to treat myself but while scanning through the online oz I mean, Sephora website I came across this:

Nail Polish

Nail Polish

The first thing that caught my eye was the price . . . $675.00 for a tiny studded jar of nail polish! Now folks hear me out . . . if you like luxury then by all means you go and buy you whatever your heart desires but if you chose to read further please don’t be offended by my words against items like so and your desire to buy them.


Have I tried it? No, it’s $675 for a nail polish, TF I look like!

Am I going to judge it without having tried it? DAMN SKIPPY

Let’s go over the basics. . .

How much does it cost to produce nail polish? We all know it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to create nail polish, hell you can make some in your kitchen. Having been in retail for over 15 years, If I had to guess (because there is no info online) I’d say that the cost price of nail polish – depending on brand – is anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 per ounce. That’s just my guestimations, either way we know it’s not nearly as much as this bottle costs.

For more information and on how nail polish is made visit this website

So the question is, is there ever a reason to justify buying a nail polish this expensive?

I’d say NO! I don’t care how rich a person is, buying this is just stupid and there is really no other answer for it in my book. There are NUMEROUS pairs of CL shoes that are cheaper than this polish so right there is your lack of justification. You are paying for a jar/tube/whatever that is bedazzled with 1,500 hand-applied, two-tone Strass crystals and is displayed in a black box decorated with leather and crystal flowers – that’s what you are paying for strass crystals (which without google I have no idea what those are) and a leather box with crystal flowers.

Nail polish chips. . . . that’s just life; OPI, Essie, Revlon, CL, Marc Jacobs, all that ish chips because it’s made to be temporary so why would you pay for a temporary item like this?

I have a hard time believing that people are so gullible that they would spend $1000 (because math taught us to round after 5) on a tiny bottle of nail polish!! On Sephora’s website, women were commenting on how disappointed they were that it chipped? OH NO SHIT SHERLOCK, it chipped, nail polish chipped how absolutely unreal is that!


I found myself getting upset with this product because it’s beyond ridiculous, I guess to some they can say they are buying a piece of art but you can buy a really great piece of art with that amount of money that can be showcased in your home or office.

Maybe because I am a paycheck to paycheck living single mother that I can’t understand the value in this product. . . .





NO. . .that’s not it at all. . . . .





SO, what do you guys think? Am I being a bitch and judging because I don’t like this product – I can afford it and have money to spare with my paycheck to paycheck living arse, I just wouldn’t buy it and I would make my friends feel shitty if they ever bought it.


How far does obsession go? Is this obsession?

It is, after all JUST nail polish



The WORST Nail Polish EVER: What a Circus!

Last night my honey and I went on a date and after I was dressed and he was on his way I realized that my already unappealing, stubbed nailed hands needed some polish soooooo I venture over to my nail polish basket and pick out the quickest drying pink color that I have which was this one:

wpid-20140208_121326.jpgHere it is pictured near my delicious and perfect bagel and cream cheese. It was during my breakfast that I realized how much I truly hate this damn polish. . .it’s called Circus by Who The Hell Ever

I got it from a friend who got it from one of her ipsy monthly beauty box subscriptions. The first night I wore it, it chipped really bad but I thought WTH I’ll keep it anyway.

WEEELLLLLLL. . .I didn’t realize how bad of a chip job it was until I used it again last night.

Let’s walk through my time line:

  • Applied at 9:47 pm
  • Dried before I finished the last nail
  • Coats: 1
  • Bases/Top Coats: None
  • First chippage: Sometime between 2 am and this morning
  • My Actions: Nothing, ate dinner had a few drinks. . .BOOM nothing drastic

AND so this is what I woke up to (forewarning my hands are not purty so no need to mention it, I know thisssss but we are focusing on the polish. . .) I know I should have put on a base and top coat but I love polish that can be used on the go when you are in a rush and don’t have time to prep the nails. This is not that polish. . .

wpid-20140208_121355.jpg wpid-20140208_121345.jpg

UHH yea all I did was sleep and wake up. This literally chipped, all by itself in about 9 hours

Now I have to take it off, I hate taking polish off after one day because since I dislike the scent of nail polish remover I do not use it in the house so I go on the balcony – it’s -5 degrees today. . .UGH

So there you have it, I woke up, upset looking at my crusty cuticles and chipped nail polish. My guy left, he probably saw my hands. BWAHAHAHAHA! In the time that it took me write this (7 mins) the nails have chipped more. . .smh it’s like the anti-nail polish. The website recommends I prep my nails before using this polish which means that they know how horrible it chips and at almost $7 that’s just ridiculous.

I did research on the  about who is behind this anti-nail polish and it’s a sweet chick named Andrea from YouTube. I feel slightly bad writing a horrible review of a fellow entrepreneur product but I can’t lie or else I am doing no one any favors.  As I am glad of her success, I hate this nail polish. Period. I hope she perfects her product and continues on with much success in the future.

VERDICT: I will never buy this product and If I get it in a beauty bag I will throw it out or give it to someone’s kid who likes to play in polish. This isn’t for the big girls who love to paint their nails. But if you are a parent who has a daughter who likes to play dress up and don’t want her ruining your expensive nail polish; this is your answer.