Sephora VIB 500 Pt Gift: Laura Mercier

I usually don’t get Sephora 500 pt gifts but this one looked good and I like Laura Mercier so it was worth the points.


It’s a nice set with a bronze powder,  lipgloss,  primer,  oil,  and setting powder.  Not bad.


What I like about this set is that it’s a full face look and I love full face looks in travel sized items cause they are great for traveling on the go and not having to bring a ton of makeup. 


I decided to create a look using only these items with my own mascara.


The outcome was pretty nice! Such a subtle look with a nice glow. I used the oil first and after a few minutes I applied the primer,  my own concealer under my eyes then baked with the setting powder. After a about 20 minutes I applied my Diorskin foundation in 070 and used the bronze powder and lipgloss. 

I love the look.



Sephora Favorites: Paint It Pink

I love when Sephora bring out the FAVORITES!!!


These sets have become some of my favorites except for the last Sephora favorites: Give Me More Lip – Such a disappointment in the nude category for my dark skin but nevertheless this comes today to make me happy.

Any who lets carry on to the product….it’s a glorious $40 and comes with a full-sized Laura Mercier which to me was the selling point because those are about $27 a piece!


Neatly Packed!


It literally is, minus a liner, a full-faced look which I think is great for an on-the-go look to have with travel sized items.



I adore the color scheme but am a bit worried how it will look on my dark skin. I off the top, do not like the Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss and haven’t tried the other brand items except the lipstick.

I didn’t add the mini beauty blender in the pic because it’s BLAH, it’s mini, lighter weight than I’d prefer and again, nice for traveling and considering I’m going to NY the first week of April, I will take it and this entire look with me.




I was very excited to try Becca because it’s a brand I haven’t tried before.

I love the hardware, very sturdy and sleek and has a tiny mirror too. This is labeled as a “Shimmering Skin Perfector” and it goes on really nice. I appreciate the gorgeous glow it produces on my skin.



Urban Decay

Such an adorable package yet it’s a hard plastic versus the Becca which is of the same harder material made from the regular sized. I love the see through top. I have a few UD palettes and some are hit or miss for me so I am expecting a hit or miss experience. The color is a bit too shimmery for me but it can be a nice accent color to work with.




This is some serious blush that they call 12 hour but if you will notice, this swatch remains on my finger because it would not rub off onto my hand. I had to rub kind of vigorously with my finger to get in onto my cheek but it produced a wonderful coral color.


Make Up Forever and Laura Mercier

I like MUFE lipsticks but this thick gooey Plexi Gloss they created needs to hit the drawing board and chemistry sets again. This color is tolerable because it’s light and I see why they paired it with the Mercier; for a little gloss effect.

I have two mini Laura Mercier lipsticks in the color Milky Way and I like them but I cannot and have not yet – in the 100 or so lipsticks and glosses I own – pay for more than $24 (BiTE) for one and these are $27 and some tax so getting this in this set was a nice bonus! The color is like a few pinks I own. The formula is nice and smooth but not matte yet long lasting which is great. I wish her tubes had more personality, the engraved name on the tube is hidden and I don’t know, I’d prefer a pretty tube is all otherwise it’s a darn good lipstick.



Benefit is becoming my favorite mascara. I have really curly and thin lashes and Benefit thus far has been the only mascara that gives them a thickened appearance and yet doesn’t clunk them. I also adore their mascara wands which are nice and round.

The Deborah Lippman nail polish is basically a clear – no it’s a clear but who doesn’t like a clear polish. I’d hate to pay the price for this to only be clear though.


So there you have it folks….

I used some points to snag a BiTE Beauty mini lipstick of the Amuse Boushe colors they have going on.


As much as I love BiTE their problem is that their colors all look the same. This Radish is the same as my favorite color Palamino, okay maybe it’s a smidge darker but still on the same wavelength. I won’t be purchasing this particular color in the fll size but I love this tiny – and I do mean TINY deluxe sample.


Okie doke, Toodles Ladies and Gents. I am off to the land of sheep.

Until Next time. . . .



SEPHORA – Give Me More Lip 2015


LAST YEAR, I missed picking up the Give Me More Lip set because I didn’t fancy it, there was something about it that I just didn’t want but THIS YEAR I picked it up and LOVE IT!


L to R: Bite, Clinique, Urban Decay (Full Size), Laura Mercier, Tarte, Buxom x2, YSL, Too Faced Melted, Sugar, Lancôme, Kat Von D, Nars (Full Size), Ciate (Full Size), and Smashbox (Full Size)

This set has a nice variety of colors and products to try if you have been wanting to try a brand or two out. I was happy to be able to try YSL, Ciate, Urban Decay, and Laura Mercier. This set is $59 at Sephora and when you look at the price of the full sized lipsticks, you are getting a good value. The Nars is $32, Urban Decay $22, Ciate $19, and Smashbox $20 so right there you are getting a good value for a set that includes 4 full sized lipsticks!

Now let’s get to the product!


Laura Mercier – I have wanted to try this brand for a while but something has always swayed me away. This color is Milky Way and although with the flash in this pic it looks a bit bright but it’s actually a very subdued and almost sheer taupe that’s gorgeous and would look with or without a liner.

I’m a Buxom fan! I don’t care for the tingle on the lips much but my favorite color is Dolly. These are very sheer but the subtle color comes through just right when you want a relaxed natural look with just a tinch of sparkle!


I fancy buxom lip glosses. I could care less for the tingle feeling but these are nice on those natural makeup days when you want just a sparkle and honestly the travel sizes are perfect. I don’t always like to carry around big tubes of lip gloss so half sizes are way better!




This Berry Blast is a nice shade of sheer berry. My favorite Buxom is the color Dolly, it’s just the perfect color of gloss period! They are not super sticky nor too thick. The application is smooth and easy.

wpid-wp-1444659880463.jpgThese two are the most pointless of the bunch! I thought the Clinique stick would have some color because in the tube it looks pink but it’s clear on me however I seen a lighter skin swatch and it showed some color. I have a chubby Clinique pencil in a bright fuchsia that shows perfect on me so I was disappointed by this one. The Tarte is clear, the formula is nice and soft and it adds a pretty shine as you can see but I wish they would have put a color one in instead of clear yet it’s moisturizing.

I am not the biggest Sugar fan especially in these tiny sizes because they melt and break quite easily.


The formula is very nice and smooth. Moisturizing. I cannot understand for the life of me why someone would pay so much for this product, the full size is $22.50 and although it feels nice, my baby lips works just the same for me. I enjoy the travel sizes but can’t see myself ever buying a full size.

Next Up is Too Faced Melted in Peony.


I own a full size of this in the darker pink color which I think may actually be Berry Red. These have a felt tip applicator meltedwhich some have said sucks but I really like the way this tip spreads the product on the lips. In the time that I have my dark pink color (9 months), I have had to clean the applicator once and I did so by taking the applicator off and running hot water through it to remove any clogged openings and it works fine. The formula is very opaque. I put full coverage on in this pic to show you how opaque it is but even when wearing my pink color I only put on one lip then blot the two together. This is long lasting but not fully transfer proof yet not super messy or creamy. I will wear this color with a liner or even mix it with the color I already own for a cute ombre effect!

I didn't know this was Lancôme until reading the back of the box

I didn’t know this was Lancôme until reading the back of the box

I had no idea what to expect with this product and it’s just alright. Would I pay $23.50 for a full size which looks more like a taller travel size? NO. It’s not too thick and as you can see not too pigmented either but I was surprised by the color that I got considering an arm swatch didn’t look so good. Overall the product itself isn’t bad but I can’t imagine other colors having pigment with such a sheer formula.

wpid-wp-1444659847497.jpgBeautiful COLOR!!

I was excited for this one because I really wanted to try this brand (I’m wearing this today (10/11/15) at work and it’s holding it pretty well these 3 hours in through my bowl of oatmeal and cup of coffee). This formula is SOOOO CREAMY which is also it’s con though. You have to have a bit of finesse when applying this so it doesn’t smear everywhere. It’s very rich and opaque. I will definitely be purchasing a full size now that I know how great this formula is. So far this is a long wearing, non drying formula that I like. There is kind of scent that smells like perfume but it’s subtle and fancy.

Next is BiTE Beauty


I am a fan of Bite and own quite a few of the double sided $14 lipsticks and a full sized in Palamino. This color was surprisingly cute and neutral. I have a Smashbox lipstick in my favorite color of cognac which is way lighter compared to this cognac so that was interesting to see the different cognacs. There is no liner needed for this cutie. She’s very pigmented and is a great fall color. BiTE products are all so smooth on application and although they are very creamy, they are not messy and actually have great staying power.

Who doesn’t Love a KAT VON D lippie?


I went looking for this color a long time ago and it was sold out every where so instead I purchased the color Motorhead which is a more burgundy dark color than this is although they are quite similar so I was excited to see this color in the pack. It’s a perfect year round color if you’re like me who wears dark lips whenever the mood strikes regardless of the season.

NEXT UP is NARS . . . .

I have a bone to pick with NARS! Why are their lipsticks so small? For $30+ I’d expect a little more product and that is something that has kept me from buying the lipstick because I do not feel you get enough of the product compared to other, cheaper, and sometimes better lipstick. But I’ll talk about that in a second. . . in this set was

wpid-wp-1444659823543.jpgThis color is sexy! I am very impressed with NARS formula on this one (a previous one I received as a gift was sheer so I returned it and got two lipsticks of a different brand). It’s soft, smooth, moisturizing and as you see it has a nice pigment. Nothing negative about this product except the price for a full size which is more like a half size to me.

For example, I compared a few other lipstick brands to this one in size:

wpid-wp-1444659815695.jpgAs you can see, Smashbox is the biggest and cost $20 per tube, next is NARS coming in next at $30 then Mac which has been used so it would be about the size of Smashbox and then Bite which is actually about the size as NARS but I am ok buying that because it’s about $6 cheaper. I just wish these companies would stop going overboard with these prices on lipsticks because we all know that cost price and the sale price are dramatically <said with a serious eye roll> different!! But oh well right. . .we are slaves to beauty. . .on to the next one. . .

wpid-wp-1444659806363.jpgSmashbox is one of my favorite brands. I love the variety of colors they have , the pigments and even the sleek black square tube (Like NARS). This color is a bit bright on me without a liner but I have a nice magenta liner that would give this bad boy some fierceness! It’s matte so it’s a bit drying but nothing Lorac like <insert lip purse and eye roll *shade>

Next Up is URBAN DECAY . . .


This photo makes the lipstick look more bold than it is, it was really subdued on me and as a first time user of this brand of lipstick it was very smooth, like the YSL smooth so almost messy but not quite. Great pigment and coverage. I wore this work the day before yesterday and didn’t need a liner but wore one anyway and this was just a great product all day. Total moisturizing on the lips all day. I can see myself buying more of these as they felt more like a glorified gloss but I didn’t mind that.

And Last but not least the beauty I am wearing today (10/13/15). . . . CIATE

wpid-wp-1444659797714.jpgThis is a BRIGHT orange, really bright, super bright but I like it!! This is my first time trying Ciate and this formula is thick on application – not sticky think but a lot comes out on the applicator thick so a little goes a really looooooong way!

It’s long wearing, a bit drying, not shiny, and scent free. I had to exfoliate my lips good this morning and reapply because my first try was creasy and flakey on my morning lips. I can see myself picking up more colors because I love bright and bold lip wear however I can see this being too bright for some.

Today I applied a sienna lip liner then applied to the inner area of my bottom lip then blotted/rubbed lips together to achieve a nice subtle but bold orange.

Me today at work wearing the Ciate!

Me today at work wearing the Ciate!

That’s all the product folks – whew!! A lot to take in now the following photos are swatches!


Folks listen here, getting this stuff out of this little plastic thing was hell, I actually hurt one of my fingers trying to dig it out!

Folks listen here, getting this stuff out of this little plastic thing was hell, I actually hurt one of my fingers trying to dig it out!

e.l.f. the non-christmas kind

because office life is so exciting and i’m soooo busy all day <insert rolling eye emoji and a ugh face> my co-worker and i went on lunch and stopped at old navy and while she picked up uniforms for her kids <insert happy face that the kid is not longer in a uniformed school> i decided to shop around and found the e.l.f selection old navy carries which isn’t bad because i love their quad blush but that’s not what this is about . . .

 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  i picked up two lip items and since it’s deader than a walking dead extra cast up in here i have oodles of time to write a short review on these items.


A lip stain and a lip tint

i figured how bad can they be . . . well since you didn’t ask but i’m offering up the knowledge on the product yo! (yes i’m using lowercase on purpose -_- i see those red lines)


price – both were $2.75 –

container – i’m not one for the sticking your finger in the jar types but the jar for the lip tint is so sleek and small but not too small that i’m okay with it.

the lip stain container has a cool extra bubble like area in the top to further protect the tip from drying out


lip stain – i tried it on and all but it’s nothing to send a pigeon message home about. as you can see below it’s very faint which was expected honestly and on a lighter skin tone, you could really see some color but on me it’s a no go.


i like e.l.f products for their ability to offer up really affordable makeup that isn’t all so bad. i’ve used a number of their products and there are some hits and there are some misses but overall it’s not a bad company to invest money in especially for affordable makeup.

because i actually have some work to do i’ll let the photos speak for themselves.



i don't know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

i don’t know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

okie doke kind folk, off i go to the printing room to stand and watch the machine work for me.



Dose of Colors II


I couldn’t resist going online and getting more Dose of Colors especially the glosses because they were still on sale for $10 but I found myself stuck with choosing a color. Most of them are pinks and I own a lot of pink lipsticks, glosses, etc. which led me, after reviewing some swatches online, to pick up the color “Sunshine Kisses” and because all the talk about their liquid lipsticks were giving me a good heart ache I picked up one in “Berry Me 2”! Both of these are pretty sweet and well worth the price.   wpid-wp-1440177418757.jpeg

I absolutely love the packaging of these and I am looking forward to seeing what their new packaging looks like that they plan to reveal – If I remember correctly – August 24th.


  • PRICE– $18 for the liquid lipstick and $10 for the gloss ($5.50 flat shipping)
  • FORMULA – As stated in my last post on the lip gloss, it’s really light weight with an almost slippery feel to it on your lips but it stays and the color is pigmented. This color –Sunshine Kisses – is a bit splotchy but as with the last color I applied only to the bottom lip then rubbed lips together and got a nice light layer of color, enough to be seen but not too much to be splotchy. The liquid lipstick formula is pretty damn nice too. It’s not too drying and feels really light weight, that’s hard to achieve with a liquid lipstick and there is no cracking on the lips.
The flash pic is on the right

The flash pic is on the right

I wanted more of an orange colors like I saw on other women but I do realize that my skin tone changes that so it’s okay by me. This is one that I would have to wear with a liner to get a fuller coverage and a seamless application on the lip outline.

  • SHIPPING – I really do like how fast the shipping is, every time I order from this company their email shipping updates are fast and shipping is really fast. If I needed this for the weekend and ordered it on a Monday, I know that I’ll get it in time and that matters sometimes so that’s a major PRO!
  • SCENT FREE– Scented makeup really burns my biscuits! You’d think that in this allergy-infested day and age that cosmetic companies will STOP putting scents in their product or make a non-scented version or maybe I’m asking for too much but anywho I love the scent-freeness of it!
Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don't like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.

Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don’t like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.


Honestly the only con is the slippery feel of the lip gloss but I find nothing else that I can say bad about this product. They really hit the nail on the head with these and it’s a first to have a companies, lipstick, lip gloss, and liquid lipsticks all be great.

So with that being said on we go to the next phase of this review:



What makes me really happy with a lip product is when one swipe does it all. I do not like to keep dipping in the tube, two dips is all I like and with these that’s all you need.

The gloss really does take just one swipe especially since it’s so opaque but slippery.

The liquid lipstick – as any liquid lipstick lover knows- you can complete an application with one dip in the tube but we like to make sure we have perfect coverage so two dips will do the trick.

With any good lipstick I like knowing that the clean-up time is not going to be extreme and you know there are some liquid lipsticks out there that takes a vat of oil and an entire package of oval cotton wipes to get the job done. You will see me show the clean-up period because it’s a big thing to me. There is nothing like going to bed looking like the joker because  you’re too tired or too drunk to completely wipe off the product.


I used pretty cheap makeup remover wipes – these are what I keep at work (YES it’s that boring sometimes that I can review products for a blog post at my desk). One wipe of took off the lip gloss which was to be expected with such a light color however with the pink I review last week, I needed more than one wipe.

The liquid lipstick took multiple wipes, scrubbing, and then a trip to the rest room to completely wash it off and I still see a faint line on my hand. At home I’ll use a much stronger wipe so I anticipate less time than today but overall not worse than a few other brands I have.

I do wish that the lip glosses pay off is as good as it is on the napkin.

(don’t mind mine nail(s), yes they are hideous)


I decided to apply the lip gloss over the liquid lipstick and I must say, I love the mixture of these two together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

So there you have it ladies and gents and whoever stumbles up this post. Let me know if you have these what you think about them and their colors.