BiTE Beauty – Green With Envy


BiTE is in my top five of overall best lipsticks so it was no surprise that the Amuse Bouche line would be so damn gorgeous!!

After seeing swatches on Temptalia,  I knew I had to swatch these for myself and they all rocked but KALE had my name.

Squid Ink and Black Truffle and Whiskey were all also great colors but I own others like them however I didn’t own a green and this isn’t just ANY GREEN!  It’s an uber rich, dark forrest, velvet kings cape type of green.

BiTEs formula is VERY VERY creamy and there will be some messy mouth with spreading if you don’t use a liner however i didn’t use a liner and this smeared just a tiny bit by the end of my day.

I thought,  “Where am i going to wear this?” but it was a definite wear to my weekend job and once I put it on,  I knew it could be worn anywear I’d wear my dark burgundys or Too Faved Melted liquid lipstick in Evil Twin…. This color is EVERYTHING for so many of you from pale to dark chocolate!

It’s so sexy… I want to wear it everyday!


The only con is the slight and light vanilla scent that fades,  thankfully because i can’t do heavily scented makeup.

Let me know what your thoughts are is you picked up this new line from BiTE.



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