JEFFREE STAR Liquid Lipstick


I chose the right time to get this; during his holiday sale for $12 with free shipping! Can the Church say AMEN!

I am weary of trying new liquid lipsticks simply because my lips don’t like them as much as I do so there in lies the problem. However, this came in at 75% good, 25% bad for me.


The application was nice and smooth. Opaque color, very vibrant and very bold. Drying time was a bit longer than I’d have liked, sort of on the LA Splash Lip Couture drying time.


I was pleasantly surprised that by the time I got home the middle of my lips were just starting to fade versus the MAC Retro Matte I’m wearing now that is fading not even half way through my shift.


One Swatch – how beautiful does this look. The applicator is basic so no complaints there.


This was an eye opening experiment. I literally only applied just water and waited a full ten minutes so just as I mentioned before the drying time for Jeffree is a bit longer. I personally love BH liquid lipsticks and would put them as far as formula goes, above Jeffree’s; for my lips!


OVERALL: I will definitely purchase a few more colors.


If you have these what do you think?






Let me begin with saying that I am not a hardcore MAC fan. I don’t find their lipsticks to be the best on the market like they are known but I own about 6 lipsticks and now this liquid lipstick. I’m not biased against this brand at all no matter how many failures I get, I will purchase new colors that excite me.

A lot of us make-up junkies have known about this release for awhile so……I’m not going to beat around the bush with this product so I’ll get right to it.

PRO: Color Payoff – Opaque, rich, and bold

CON: Not a huge variety of colors


This is two coats. The 1st coat which ended up being streaky was applied around 9am and the 2nd was applied at 11am. This is what I do not like about liquid lipsticks with this drying formula. It leaves very defined and noticeable space at the inner lip line.

Design: I thought I would hate the design of this tube because it favors a dildo (yes. . . a faux peen) but it’s sleek and kind of favors a big bullet – again, dildo. However, it’s not as dildo-ish as I initially thought.


It longer than a lipstick but not too big, about Dose of Colors or Jeffree Starr size in width and about the height being a bit taller than Dose of Colors. The applicator is nice, no complaints there. As you can see the formula is very thick on the applicator; kind of pasty but not too thick.


Drying – It’s dryness level is between that of Jeffree Star and LA Splash Lip Couture.

Dries quickly but leaves very definitive lines on lips

Exfoliating is a must before using this or you will suffer the dry lip spell


This is just one swipe so you can see the opacity of it but if you look at the top non-flash, you can see on the bottom how it’s a bit streaky, not much but we know in lippies that a little of a flaw can go a long way. It’s staying power is tough though.


OVERALL: I do not think I will purchase other colors. More than likely this will be going back to the store, it’s just not going to work. The color I initially wanted was the light purple but it’s the same mas MAC lipstick color Heroine so I saw no reason to get it. My lips respond better to more light weight formulas like Kat Von D, BH Cosmetics, and Dose of Colors. Jeffree Star is a bit too heavy for me but it just makes the “about right” line and isn’t so drying.

What do you think of them?

I saw great swatches on Instagram @trendmood1