I Can’t Believe that the year has gone by so fast but here we are!!


This isn’t my tree but I think it’s beautiful!!


Christmas is upon us and although I am not a holiday person I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!!

As a kid holidays were not the best when you lived with two alcoholics and drug addicts who fought all the time but we always had a tree (when we could afford it) and when we couldn’t we understood why. We didn’t always have a good meal either (I remember one Christmas all we had to eat was bologna sandwiches) but we were always together.

However those moments has made holidays for me a very BLEH time. We didn’t do the big family gatherings like I see my friends do with theirs and it kind of annoys me. I can’t imagine spending every holiday with my family members – those holidays would be agonizing.

When I had my son, I made sure to give him a good Christmas with a big tree and lots of ornaments. I loved decorating the tree and wrapping his gifts but now that he is 13, the Christmas spirit is no longer within me and I hate the process of preparing for Christmas. We just put our mini tree up a few days ago and it always comes down on Christmas day after he has opened his presents. (Yes, I know that’s quick but I can’t stand the mess).  I do enjoy some eggnog and whisky and the channel that shows nothing but a close up of a fire place with logs burning, it’s such a calm channel.

Even though I am not a Christmasy person (I even HATE Christmas music) I wish all of you a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! If you are the Christmasy type then may you have all the joy in the world. If you are alone, I hope that this would be your last year alone for the holidays. If you are ill and can’t enjoy the day like you’d like to, I wish that you will regain your health and live each day of 2016 like it’s your Christmas every day.

Speaking of 2016. . . .


HOLY Cowabunga it’s here already! I swear it was just January 2015 a few days ago! So much has happened this year. I look forward to what 2016 has in store for me.

I wish all of you the best year ahead and hope to remain a virtual presence with you all.

Be safe if you celebrate the new year like it’s 1999.


-See you all next year!!



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