This will be a short review. I purchased a colour pop mini double sided pencil set for $20 yet I was hesitant because the first pencil and matching liner I purchased from them earlier this year was horrible, well the pencil was and the lippie was darker than I had expected so anyways I wanted to give them a go again and here we are. wp-1449002675642.jpgI didn’t read that they were mini until after I had purchased them but eh you get a variety for the buck so it wasn’t so bad. As you can see compared to a pen, they are small.

I haven’t worn all of them yet and the two colors I did wear were ok.


Please ignore my crappy photo but you see the flash and no flash. I do not like the bound on me because it was too pale yet with a darker liner (not the one with it) It will look okay.

I wore the bossy to work and the color stayed on pretty well throughout the day as you can see in another crappy photo below.

wp-1449002684793.jpgThe formula for these are matte to shiny. My only problem with these are the amount of product you get in each tube as you can see below.


They are twisted up to their max. I get that they are mini and for $20 you get to sample a few colors and formulas so that is ok but you could get two full sized colors with matching pencils for the same price and to me that would have been better yet as a sampler set it’s cool.

I like the lippie pencils, one because the price is nice, each lippie stick and pencil are $5 each and shipping is $5 so overall that’s not bad for matching lippie and sticks. I haven’t tried their liquid lippies yet and after seeing Temptalia’s review, I don’t plan on it.




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