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I Can’t Believe that the year has gone by so fast but here we are!!


This isn’t my tree but I think it’s beautiful!!


Christmas is upon us and although I am not a holiday person I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!!

As a kid holidays were not the best when you lived with two alcoholics and drug addicts who fought all the time but we always had a tree (when we could afford it) and when we couldn’t we understood why. We didn’t always have a good meal either (I remember one Christmas all we had to eat was bologna sandwiches) but we were always together.

However those moments has made holidays for me a very BLEH time. We didn’t do the big family gatherings like I see my friends do with theirs and it kind of annoys me. I can’t imagine spending every holiday with my family members – those holidays would be agonizing.

When I had my son, I made sure to give him a good Christmas with a big tree and lots of ornaments. I loved decorating the tree and wrapping his gifts but now that he is 13, the Christmas spirit is no longer within me and I hate the process of preparing for Christmas. We just put our mini tree up a few days ago and it always comes down on Christmas day after he has opened his presents. (Yes, I know that’s quick but I can’t stand the mess).  I do enjoy some eggnog and whisky and the channel that shows nothing but a close up of a fire place with logs burning, it’s such a calm channel.

Even though I am not a Christmasy person (I even HATE Christmas music) I wish all of you a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! If you are the Christmasy type then may you have all the joy in the world. If you are alone, I hope that this would be your last year alone for the holidays. If you are ill and can’t enjoy the day like you’d like to, I wish that you will regain your health and live each day of 2016 like it’s your Christmas every day.

Speaking of 2016. . . .


HOLY Cowabunga it’s here already! I swear it was just January 2015 a few days ago! So much has happened this year. I look forward to what 2016 has in store for me.

I wish all of you the best year ahead and hope to remain a virtual presence with you all.

Be safe if you celebrate the new year like it’s 1999.


-See you all next year!!



This will be a short review. I purchased a colour pop mini double sided pencil set for $20 yet I was hesitant because the first pencil and matching liner I purchased from them earlier this year was horrible, well the pencil was and the lippie was darker than I had expected so anyways I wanted to give them a go again and here we are. wp-1449002675642.jpgI didn’t read that they were mini until after I had purchased them but eh you get a variety for the buck so it wasn’t so bad. As you can see compared to a pen, they are small.

I haven’t worn all of them yet and the two colors I did wear were ok.


Please ignore my crappy photo but you see the flash and no flash. I do not like the bound on me because it was too pale yet with a darker liner (not the one with it) It will look okay.

I wore the bossy to work and the color stayed on pretty well throughout the day as you can see in another crappy photo below.

wp-1449002684793.jpgThe formula for these are matte to shiny. My only problem with these are the amount of product you get in each tube as you can see below.


They are twisted up to their max. I get that they are mini and for $20 you get to sample a few colors and formulas so that is ok but you could get two full sized colors with matching pencils for the same price and to me that would have been better yet as a sampler set it’s cool.

I like the lippie pencils, one because the price is nice, each lippie stick and pencil are $5 each and shipping is $5 so overall that’s not bad for matching lippie and sticks. I haven’t tried their liquid lippies yet and after seeing Temptalia’s review, I don’t plan on it.