I had been wanting to try this lipstick for a while since I seen it on Sephora’s website so when I finally saw it in store in this little gift set with the matches I grabbed it for $23.00

I’ll make this short and sweet. . .


No Scent

Different Shape helps to apply the lipstick better – I’d like all my lipsticks to come shaped like this


The packaging is a nice cool vintage gold color which goes well with the theme the creator wanted to set for this line.


I have not used the match book sticks yet and don’t know if I will, they seem kind of odd but it’s a cool idea and I’m keeping them for a ‘just-in-case’ kind of day.

The wear isn’t long lasting nor drying nor moisturizing. It’s kind of Maybelline with the wear but a bit higher on the scale.

The color is great! It took me ages to decide on a color which is why I hadn’t brought it then I saw the set and said, “What the hell, get this one”


It’s a very nice red-orange.


It’s worth trying out for the shape of the lipstick, the packaging and the colors are cool but I wouldn’t buy another knowing how little lasting power they have.




Kat Von D Liquid Lippie Dupe


BH Cosmetics came out with a liquid lipstick so I snatched one up.  I don’t like buying all colors I like until I’ve tried out the formula! 


Lightweight – it’s like a feather.  Very nice.  Not thick at all.  When putting it on it felt thin and I could see through it but once it dried the full color came through. 


As you can see with the flash its kind of light but very slightly.  (don’t mind my dry ass skin chile!) 

$6.50 ON SALE for the debut but the real cost is $10 now I’m not happy about spending ten when my Kat Von D is $21 but this is a great dupe for Kat so budget wise it’s ok unless you don’t get $35 worth of stuff for free shipping (or is it $50) then you’ll have to pay the standard $3.95 so that becomes $13.95 when $7 more you can get Kat or $6 more for a Stila.  So it’s your battle to choose from but overall not bad on the price.

We all know once matte dries it can go one of many ways.  This one as I mentioned dried fast with a bit of that tight pulling feeling but not like LA Splash Lip Couture tight!! I’ve smiled and opened my mouth wide which i like to do to get the feel of the product being stretched and just like Kat Von D… Stays fabulous!! 

Plus there is no scent!!  If I had to pick a CON it would be that the color online is far brighter than actual.  But that’s it!!

I will order a few more colors!