Clinique Kisses Holiday Lip Set


I didn’t own any Clinique lipsticks wait that’s a lie, I do have a hot pink chubby lip pencil that I like very much but that’s all I owned until picking this up yesterday. Seeing the design on these tubes made this trip to the mall worth it especially since you got a free gift too!


The free gift is an adorable and fairly large makeup pouch, a quad eye shadow, moisturizing lotion, makeup remover, Clinique smart custom-repair serum, a lipstick in the classic clinic green tube (color Matte Beauty) and a mini mascara

I couldn’t pass up such a deal and a chance to get some Clinique lipsticks with adorable designs!

The lipstick was $25 for the 5 piece set which is under the $27 minimum purchase for the gift so I picked up a bottom lash mascara for $10.50 bringing my total too $38 and some change. Not bad!

What I love about this is that the makeup bag is big enough to fit a blush inside so to just toss one in with every thing else and you’ve got an entire day to night look for traveling! Gotta love when they make it easy!


So Let’s dissect the product shall we . . . .

The Lip Stick Set –

I didn’t do swatches of each one last night but this weekend is the weekend for swatches these and the Anastasia’s lip glosses!!

Colors are: Soft matte in plum, magenta, beauty, crimson, and petal

Colors are: LtoR Soft matte in beauty, crimson, plum, magenta, and petal

I was a little upset that the free gift colors for the lipsticks were either crimson or beauty which are in this set but I figured oh well, what’s the harm in having two cute nudes – backups never hurt nobody!

I am wearing plum today and I absolutely love the color and the feel of the matte is indeed very soft but long lasting.


Such Beautiful Colors

The detail on the tube is pretty sweet!

The detail on the tube is pretty sweet!

I adore the tubes but the colors are very nice and well worth it – this is an $80 value so it’s an incredible STEAL! *even though we know they hike the prices up on cosmetics anyway meaning that this lipsticks cost price is probably $8 anyway!

The Free gift is nothing new if you know about Clinique and their deals but it’s always a pleasure to get something free.

Makeup remover, moisturizer, and custom-repair serum

Makeup remover, moisturizer, and custom-repair serum

Who doesn’t love a good makeup remover? The moisturizer has a smell I am not too fond of, kind of smells like Blue Magic hair grease (you remember blue magic??!!) So I don’t find that I will be using that often but it will stay in my makeup bag because I love a small lotion in my makeup bag. The Clinique-repair serum is not oily which I expected it to be. It actually absorbs into the skin and it is stated to: address uneven skin tones, lines, and wrinkles, firms and adds radiance. We’ll see about that over time!

Mini Mascara, soft matte lipstick in color Beauty, eye shadow quad

Mini Mascara, soft matte lipstick in color Beauty, eye shadow quad

The eye shadow colors are: Ivory Bisque, Tarnished Gold from Starlight Starbright, Rainforest from Nightcap, and Olive in my MartiniI’m wearing the shadow, mascara, and plum lipstick today. The mascara is actually pretty darn nice and light weight. The shadow is pigmented enough on my dark skin. I created a semi-smoky eye with the green.

Overall this is a pretty good value to pick up and add to your collection! The quality is great, variety is great, and the designs are fabulous.




This bag is so cute and the fabric is pretty rugged.

This bag is so cute and the fabric is pretty rugged.


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