The DON’Ts of Video Blog Reviews by a Viewer


I love reading reviews, I will stand in a store and pull up reviews on a product I am thinking about getting to help me decide. I generally read negative reviews mostly because the good reviews all say the same things which is good but I look at the negative to see what unlikely problems people had with items and by that I am able to determine if it will be right for me considering that I already know the good.

I usually only like written reviews because I just don’t like watching videos of people doing anything – I strongly dislike music videos, reality TV, home movies, videos of peoples kids, cats, family etc., and could care less for commercials – so it’s mostly what I can read that interests me however there are some reviews that you may have to watch to get the full idea of the product and that’s ok. For example if I plan on buying new hair (weave) and I am not sure about a company I will watch multiple videos of people detailing the hair to get a good idea of the product but that’s rare but . . . .


When I go for cosmetic reviews, I only read them and I usually am not concerned with how long they take to get to the point because I am reading it, the words may look like a lot but really it’s on a few minutes to read it but when watching a video the length becomes a different story.

My biggest PET PEEVE is when they take forever to get to the product!

thO9ODRM5EI am going to sound really bitchy with this BUT I do not care why you brought the product, I am assuming it’s because you liked it. I don’t want to hear about your issues with uploading videos today, I don’t care about anything other than the product so show me the product!

To click on a video that shows it’s 8:43 long and it’s the last minute that you decide to show the product really burns my biscuits. I always have the volume on mute and thankfully YouTube allows you to see what you are fast-forwarding too so that helps to weed out the BS before the product but people, come onnnn!

So below is a list of don’ts when doing your videos because I am an upstanding citizen who likes to help out when I see an issue that can have some corrective suggestions:


This list may not be for everyone, some people like long and drawn out videos but for those of us who just like to see the product this is what we’d suggest:

DO NOT have this long ass drawn out opening with photo montages of yourself and your makeup or cool skateboard tricks that takes up two full minutes with music – some people really just want a quick look at the product.th7U5XOOHO

DO NOT give us a play-by-play of your day, unless it’s AFTER the product when we can turn it off.

DO NOT put the product in front of your hand unless the lighting is crappy otherwise it’s pointless yet if you do, we don’t need you to do it for a minute straight, we get the point.

DON’T open the product then hold it in your hand while you talk for another ten minutes on your random thoughts on the product that you haven’t tried yet.

DO NOT mispronounce the product, seriously learn how to say it if you brought it

DO NOT put the product on (as in cosmetics) then talk for an extra minute about nothing pertaining to the product.

DO NOT be long winded – if it can take a minute to say then dammit, say it!

DON’T need to see you unboxing a product – I have yet to understand why someone thinks someone would like to see them open up a product, it’s a package, it’s secured. Unless the packaging places a huge part of the review then sure but just to do it doesn’t make sense

DO NOT speak real low and sexy, it’s a review people – say it wit cha chest!

DON’T do slow-mo videos, you’re prolonging an already prolonged video for the purpose of using a cool feature that you don’t need. Especially in make-up, it’s lipstick, I don’t need to see you slowly put it on your lips – this isn’t seduction class folks!thL26BK24K

I know I sound like a nag but sometimes it needs to be said and this may help to get your views and return views up high because no one wants to sit through fluff especially when they came for the product that’s like going to a magic show for 2 hours but you only get the last 15 minutes of show in magic! I will seriously go through about 5 videos until I find one that starts with talking about the product.

Some of us really don’t care about the other stuff and it’s ok to do short videos some times. If you don’t have nothing to say but “Hey I like this product” then say just that and let the product speak for itself.

Forgive me if I’ve ruffled your feathers but I bet the next time you go to upload a video this post will come into your mind.

You are welcome.

Sincerely Me and my Pet



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