ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Holiday Lip Gloss Set from MACY’S

I am loving the new holiday lip sets coming out and Anastasia has released an awesome set of her top selling lip glosses which I love!

wpid-wp-1443150725941.jpgIf you haven’t tried her lip glosses yet I advise you do!! This set is great because it costs only $40 – yep you read that right, each of these go for $16 a piece so to get 8 FULL SIZED tubes for the price of two is amazeballs!!

The formula isn’t sticky

It actually lasts long (the glitter kinds not so long but long enough)

Can be layered over lipsticks

Clear tube to see product

Slightly scented but nothing too over the top or I couldn’t wear it


I haven’t swatched them all on my lips yet but I wanted to get these out for you to see the lovely colors and will update with lip swatches later this week!

These beauties have fabulous pigments!

These beauties have fabulous pigments!

These have great pigments for a lip gloss. This set has 5 glitter/sheer colors and 3 opaque (the last 3) The gold is such a fun gold on the lips. They all look good on me and I think with the variety of colors that they will look good on almost all skin tones.

I also love her liquid lipsticks – they are not as long lasting as I’d like but they are not drying so it’s a win/win!

One swipe each!

One swipe each!

This set is available at Macy’s for $40 or online at (if you go into a Macy’s impulse store ask for the impulse section or they might say they don’t have it cause they just don’t know – I almost had a heart attack when she said “no”)


Let me know what you think!?


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