KAT VON D – Mi Vida Loca Remix Lipstick Set


This little beauty arrived yesterday and I was uber hyped to get it in and swatch it for you guys. I am not an eye shadow person so I will not be picking up her matching eye shadow set but it looks very pretty too!!

This set includes 7 mini lipsticks and one full limited edition lipstick in an adorable white studded tube! I haven’t gotten many of her new studded lipsticks, the last Kat Von D lipstick I have was in the gold smooth tube and one of her liquid lipsticks in the fabulous color ‘outlaw’ so I was excited to be able to try 8 colors for $45!

OK enough of the hub-bub let’s get to the product:

All the beautiful colors

All the beautiful colors

Looking at the photo you can see how bright the colors look with a flash but how dim they are without and as I were hoping they’d be brighter, they are in fact quite dim yet still full of pigment, especially on my dark skin.

These are with two swipes per color

These are with two swipes per color

Each Color From Left To Right:

GOLD BLOODED – This has sparkles in it and feels gritty on the lips so AT FIRST I was thrown off by that because I don’t like glitter lipstick or the feeling of it on my lips. However this color proved to be worth that feeling. Now the gritty feeling never went away and blotting will show blotches but it’s such a vibrant red/orange with a hint of gold undertones that you can’t help but love it. It stayed on for about an hour as it’s the last one I swatched and it did very good with holding up the color.


I have two lipsticks this color, one being Kat Von D’s but this one has a certain undertone to it that screams fire!!


HALO – folks I didn’t think an orange could be so effing fantastic but this one is all that and everything else included!! *I am actually wearing it at work today! This is really a nice opaque but light orange. It’s soft but bold and goes on smooth but be sure to have exfoliated lips or get this caught up in all of your creases! This is my favorite out of the bunch!

Check the gold undertone in this beauty and that POW, I'm sexy in my orange lipstick feel!

Check the gold undertone in this beauty and that POW, I’m sexy in my orange lipstick feel!


NaYEON – I have no idea what the name of this means but it is the same name as a popular Korean singer and LPGA player. This looks black but it’s really a dark silver with sparkles and that gritty feeling again (I am not a fan of this feeling) This is the one color I cannot wear to my M-F job but can and will rock at my Sunday job even so, this is my least favorite color.

It did take multiple swipes to achieve such a dark hue and even then the middle of my lips were splotchy a bit

It did take multiple swipes to achieve such a dark hue and even then the middle of my lips were splotchy a bit


COVEN – As a MN Vikings fan I love all things purple especially a good purple lipstick I can wear on game days. Coven is a light lavender and feels a bit stiff to apply. It’s very pigmented and I believe it will require a liner for almost anyone who wears it so it doesn’t wash them out. I’d most likely apply this only to one lip them blot/rub the rest onto the other lip. It’s far too opaque for my skin tone.

A darker purple liner would be perfecto

A darker purple liner would be perfecto


SEXER – Dare I say that I was expecting this pink to pop off of my lips like a fairy but it was kind of dark and subdued.  A more winter pink for sure but I wanted more pank! It is opaque enough and gives a full and rich color but not as bold yet that’s ok.



WOLVESMOUTH – Kat Von D wins for best effing names of lipsticks EVER!! I thought this would be my favorite color right out the box but it looks like three other colors I have and falls to the bottom on that list. It’s no doubt a gorgeous color; full, rich, creamy, and all that goodness but it’s nothing special nor new. It’s not berry which is in for the season yet it’s a medium plum – again I have dark skin so on me it doesn’t stand out. This would be my 2nd least favorite.

It's a rich plum

It’s a rich plum


BACHELORETTE – This next to Wolvesmouth and Sexer is like their big sister. She’s such a cute and fun pink and when you view the pic above you can see how it’s kind of a darker pink than Sexer but on me it shows brighter than Sexer which was unexpected but very much appreciated!

It's what I thought Sexer would be

It’s what I thought Sexer would be


NOBLE – It’s nude and nudes are not the easiest lipsticks to work with because certain levels of nude don’t look good on everyone. I need darker nudes and this one is very opaque; a bit too much for me. I will wear this this week and apply a liner and a darker nude gloss on top to see what I come out with!


So there you have it folks! I am happy with this set even with the colors that I don’t fancy because I got to try 8 colors for a very reasonable and exciting price!

In order as shown on the box

In order as shown on the box

If I buy a full size I am thinking that Halo and Bachelorette would be coming home with me as those two colors are just too fabulous for words! I would love the full sized color more if it didn’t have that gritty feeling but out of the entire set only three doesn’t look good on me, NaYeon, Coven, and Noble so that’s a win for me!


Have A Fabulous Day!!


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