A Mini Trip To OZ, I Mean SEPHORA

The other day I went into Sephora to get another sample of Dior foundation because the last one did not match my skin and this new one was like PERFECTO!!! But this post isn’t about that, today.

I saw the rewards that Sephora had on display and decided to indulge in a few. For any of you not familiar with Sephora’s reward program – every dollar you spend is a point that you get and the more points you get the more rewards you can cash them in for. You start out as a Beauty Insider, then a VIB, and VIB Rouge. Each one has their own perks. Check it out and indulge.

I decided to pick up a Josie Maran item and Perricone MD item and then later I came back to the store with a friend who purchased me a BiTE lipstick <SAAWEEEET>


I’ve used Josie’s products but I wanted to try this light argan oil and because I have been wanting to try Perricone MD, I found it a great time to do so.

As with rewards they are trial/travel sizes which offers enough for you to try a product out for a week or maybe longer.

They fit in the palm of my very HD'd hand.

They fit in the palm of my very HD’d hand.


Perricone MD: I love cute little items, sometimes it’s better to me than the product. IN this situation, I like the jar better than the product but the product isn’t bad there is just better out there on the market. It’s listed to be able to: “Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing antioxidant protection. The powers of ALA, DMAE, and vitamin C ester combine to impart a nourished, hydrated, glowing complexion”

It's nestled into it's tiny little box.

It’s nestled into it’s tiny little box.

It’s not as it claims to me especially up against other moisturizers I have tried (like Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47) and after reading a few reviews I find the negative reviews to fit.


Yes this moisturizes but it’s honestly – to me – no better than a regular lotion. My Nivea feels better and soaks into the skin better than this. One review said it smelled like her grandmothers candles and I am not sure what those smell like but I like the smell. It kind of smells like soap and lotion; soation (ha I’m totally coining that phrase!) It’s not old candle smelling but I could say the smell is a bit aged from your usual smell of skin creams however I find it delightful although it does linger around longer than wanted. And for 2fl oz., you’re looking at $75 when the Josie Maran is $32 and adds such a glow to your skin.

The CON for me would be the effects this doesn’t have on my skin at the price it’s offered, I’d expect better.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light: It’s argan oil and we have all pretty much come to learn the good ol’ properties of using argan oil over the past few years so I don’t feel the need to tell you about it in depth.


Argan oil is great for skin and hair and I’ve had some with a really strong smell that’s kind of sweet and some like this one that has more of a castor oil smell – to me. I decided to do a little experiment with these two items because both of them can be used as face moisturizers. I’ll let the photo’s explain.

I rubbed for a few seconds the Perricone into my skin then let it sit for approx. 10 mins.

I rubbed for a few seconds the Perricone into my skin then let it sit for approx. 10 mins.

I did the same with the Josie Maran argan oil.

I did the same with the Josie Maran argan oil (one drop).

The photo’s may not show it as clear as I’d like (both with flash and unfiltered) but as you can see the Perricone MD on the left started out prominent with shine but ten minutes later, it’s a bit dull and it looks a lot more dull in person on my hand. The flash actually gives it more shine than it has. I’m not dry but there is no glow like there is on my right hand.

For the pic on the right you see that the argan oil after ten minutes remains as prominent and shiny as it did ten minutes earlier and it’s still quite shiny on my hand in person. The argan oil is rubbed into the skin but my skin stays with a shiny glow that I – with dry skin- love.

I tried both to see if I was going to go with the Josie Maran moisturizer or try something different and these have shone me that the Perricone – for my skin – doesn’t hold a candle to Josie Maran (her moisturizer really does give you a glow where you don’t even need foundation!)

If you have tried either of these products, let me know what you think?


I love my friends because they know how easy it is to shop for me. I met up with a friend and after checking out her new apartment, which is really sweet, we headed to the Mall of America to Sephora to pick up some goodies for us both. I initially wanted Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss but she is so anti-it due to reviews she read – although I own one lip gloss and liquid lipstick and love them both – I told her I’d get what she thought would look best on me. At first she said Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in Baushaus, which by-the-way is an awesome color and will be my next purchase. BUT I introduced her to BiTE Beauty and wanted to grab one of the new berry colors but they were all out except for the darkest berry color that I did not want (BOOHOO) so I went for my favorite BiTE Beauty lipstick color.


I absolutely find this pink to be the best damn pank on the market. It’s so vibrant yet so creamy yet so long lasting to be so creamy and it glides on like smooth like my virgin Brazilian installed mane sliding ever so gently on my silk pillowcase.

There is one problem with Bite Beauty’s lipstick that bothers my cosmetic soul like a pigmented-lacked lipstick and that’s the melt factor of it. Because they are so creamy they melt a bit quicker than I would like. For example;

This photo shows up close how the lipstick looks after just being in my bag on the way home.

This photo shows up close how the lipstick looks after just being in my bag on the way home.

You see those “sweat” beads, I don’t fancy those and it’s irritating because I feel like the lipstick is already creamy. I did a bit of research and if you look up “sweaty lipstick” you’ll see a few pictures of Bite. Of course this really isn’t sweat and it will dry but I don’t like it. I will put my lipstick in the freezer or the fridge and keep it there until ready to use. It does no harm and when it’s dried it’s fine but it’s not nice to look at it.

The lipstick itself is fine and is a gorgeous color!!


Excuse my shitty camera, I am getting a new phone tomorrow!! YASS Hi 13 megapixels LOLOLOLOLOL

So ladies, gents, fairies, robots, and unicorns, there you have it. Thanks for reading and if you’ve tried any of the products, let me know what you think of them!




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