A Few Lip Products From ULTA

I do not go to ULTA as I am a SEPHORA girl but ULTA has a few lipsticks online/in-store that interests me like Japonesque or Calvin Klein and Makeup Revolution, however I didn’t pick up any of those on my recent trip because the way my finances is set up – I just couldn’t go deep pocketing yet but I did pick up a few non-expensive items that caught my attention.

I like finding online gems like Kiko Cosmetics (I’ll do a post on those beauties after I purchase more now that they ship to the US <insert happy face emoji>) BUT that’s still not what I picked up from ULTA – I don’t why I keep getting side tracked.

I picked up from in-store what I thought was NYX Intense Butter Gloss but actually was just soft butter gloss

I didn't like this because of the wand and because it was the wrong product.

I didn’t like this because of the wand and because it was the wrong product.

You know when you pick up the tester and then grab what’s behind it because you want it? Well I did that with the intense butter lip gloss but got this one and not only did I not like the wand, I didn’t like the product. There wasn’t a good pigmentation on me either and I got a color a tad lighter than this one.

And online I ordered two CATRICE lipsticks. I like looking at blogs from other countries to see what their make-up brands are that we don’t have then I try to acquire them and give em a go so I saw Catrice online and thought I’d pick up a few and try them out.

Catrice is a popular brand by a German company called cosnova BEAUTY. Cosnova also makes essence cosmetics which will be included in this review and was launched in 2001 in Germany. ULTA debuted Catrice products on their website earlier this month and I thought I’d try it out.


I ordered from ULTA.com CATRICE Luminous Lips Lipstick in colors My Pink – Instinct 110 and Let’s Go Brown  – Town 020 as pictured above. Online they look very pigmented but in person they are not. I deleted the pics that I took of the swatches for some unknown reason so the only photo I have is this one (BOO HOO) I really wanted you to see the swatches.


Price – Although these were the same formula to me, they were different prices. The pink was $3.99 and the other was $5.99

Design – The tube is sleek and silver which I liked very much. I also liked the name imprinted on the lipstick, I love when companies do that, it’s just a really  nice look.


Pigment – I was VERY upset that these were not as I hoped. They were very sheer like a sheer Nars lipstick or a lip gloss. I would say that on lighter skin tones, the pink would have been dark enough to suffice but the brown was a very sheer and light tan.

The pink also broke after I put it on which really pissed me off. There is nothing more upsetting than a broken tube of lipstick, especially when it’s brand new.

Formula – It was very light weight like a lip gloss in a lipstick tube and it melted very easily. Putting it on my lips was like rubbing butter on my lips; I could feel the melting of the lipstick and I didn’t like that feeling because it wasn’t super soft more so kind of oily.

Price – There was no need to have one be a different price when they both were really the same formula. That ticked me off and the $5 shipping.

So with those three products I went back to ULTA and exchanged them. I went to an ULTA store here in Roseville, MN and I was not too happy with the customer service. Twice I was asked if I had a beauty card or whatever and I had said No twice; once over the phone when I called to speak to the manager about exchanging without a receipt (for the nyx) and then in the store. She let me exchange them all but had never heard of Catrice so I gave her info on the line (I think employees should know what’s sold online and in stores, DUH). I wanted to exchange for Makeup Revolution, a cheaper brand like catrice that I saw online and was interested in giving a go to but they only sold that online <insert rolling eyes>

The Two NYX Items I picked up

The Two NYX Items I picked up

I finally got the right NYX Intense Butter Gloss and then saw the high voltage lipstick and loved the swatch so gave that a go too.


Price – We all know about NYX , I’m sure, and it’s a great product for the price. I dislike their round lipsticks but most items of theirs I love. Both were $5.99.wpid-wp-1441074967977.jpeg

Formula – The intense butter gloss is thick and creamy, the lipstick is creamy as well but both have a really awesome SOFT feel on the lips, like putting on Fresh’s Sugar balm. I really like that feeling because although they are both kind of heavy in formula the buttery softness trumps that immediately.

Such a vibrant pink

Such a vibrant pink

I love that this is a smokey dark red

I love that this is a smokey dark red

Staying Power – I am wearing the intense butter gloss today and I actually just reapplied for the first time today about 4 hours into my 8 hour shift at work. I wore a liner which really helped because it had faded significantly but with just a little bit left on the lips to give a hint of the color but had I not wore the liner, it would not have looked so pretty. The wear on these are like you above average lip glosses.

I am love with both of these NYX products and can see myself purchasing more of the high voltage lipstick because I adored their color selections as the intense butter glosses color selection was kind of what I already have and I am trying to get out of buying the same colors in different products unless they are just that fabulous!

This just one swipe of each

This just one swipe of each

The essence line they carry reminds me Milani or Black Radiance in price and selection. Such a cute product.


I love the ‘e’ detail


Price – This lil cutie was $2.99

Design – It’s a very sleek tube of lipstick and I can’t stress how much the tube matters. Some of these companies do not understand that cute and bulky does not equate to easily stored.

Formula – For a $3 lipstick you know what you are getting. I have some $1 lipsticks that pack a punch on the pigment front so it’s no big surprise really. This had a nice semi-rich formula, definitely much better than their sister product CATRICE.

Pigment – Again, for the price you’re not expecting Kat Von D pigment. This has a nice subtle pigment that’s rich enough for a nice light look.

My camera on my phone sucks but what can I expect with a Samsung galaxy 3. I'll upgrade one day

My camera on my phone sucks but what can I expect with a Samsung galaxy 3. I’ll upgrade one day

The color is very much like the NYX except it’s not as rich and thick where I need a liner. They remind me very much of Kiko Cosmetics Smart Lipstick just more pigmented.

*Currently I have no cons with this product

This after 4 swipes

I really like these products versus the ones I had so I am satisfied. Once I purchase the lipsticks I want from ULTA, I won’t go there much often. I can’t pass up points at Sephora if they have what I want from Sephora.

Okie Doke folks I am at work and should probably do some work.




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