All LIPSTICK Lovers MUST Have This!!!

Because every woman who loves lipstick needs to know this exists!

Mo Merrell's Place

I have been on a LONG quest to find a way to store my ever-growing collection of lipstick and I kept saying to myself, “When will someone create something extremely useful and minimizing dammit?!”

AND VOILA!! They have and it’s awesome and below these words, because I am trying to build up suspense, I will post the picture of this awesome MUST HAVE for all of my lipstick lovers.

Are you ready to see it?

Show of hands? (Yes, raise them please)

Ok. . . .Here it is. . .

Isn't it Gorgeous!! Isn’t it Gorgeous!!

So let me tell you about this Beauty. . .it was made by (from my research) Zahra Beauty ( now whether or not they invented it first I don’t know and kind of don’t care, It’s here and that’s all that matters.

It’s called “Spinning Lipstick Tower” and if you google it you will find a good number…

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