e.l.f. the non-christmas kind

because office life is so exciting and i’m soooo busy all day <insert rolling eye emoji and a ugh face> my co-worker and i went on lunch and stopped at old navy and while she picked up uniforms for her kids <insert happy face that the kid is not longer in a uniformed school> i decided to shop around and found the e.l.f selection old navy carries which isn’t bad because i love their quad blush but that’s not what this is about . . .

 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  i picked up two lip items and since it’s deader than a walking dead extra cast up in here i have oodles of time to write a short review on these items.


A lip stain and a lip tint

i figured how bad can they be . . . well since you didn’t ask but i’m offering up the knowledge on the product yo! (yes i’m using lowercase on purpose -_- i see those red lines)


price – both were $2.75 –

container – i’m not one for the sticking your finger in the jar types but the jar for the lip tint is so sleek and small but not too small that i’m okay with it.

the lip stain container has a cool extra bubble like area in the top to further protect the tip from drying out


lip stain – i tried it on and all but it’s nothing to send a pigeon message home about. as you can see below it’s very faint which was expected honestly and on a lighter skin tone, you could really see some color but on me it’s a no go.


i like e.l.f products for their ability to offer up really affordable makeup that isn’t all so bad. i’ve used a number of their products and there are some hits and there are some misses but overall it’s not a bad company to invest money in especially for affordable makeup.

because i actually have some work to do i’ll let the photos speak for themselves.



i don't know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

i don’t know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

okie doke kind folk, off i go to the printing room to stand and watch the machine work for me.




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