Different Mascara Wands or Does it Really Matter?!



I spent the amount of time in the store looking for mascara like I did looking for a toothbrush (my toothbrush selection time is a serious event that could take upwards of an hour) all because the wands are so different now, it was like trying to shop for shoes online; you can see them but you don’t know what they feel like until you get it home and determine if it’s a load of crap or not.

Remember when this was the only mascara you’d go to the store and get? What girl didn’t have this in their possession!! I know when I started wearing mascara this was the only brand I purchased: Maybelline Great Lash!!wpid-hbz-mascaras-maybelline-0312-xln1-e1361395658541.jpg


I used to own about two of them, maybe and now I own about 6 different types of mascara and can never just purchase one, I have to purchase two now because I’ll see a new wand that I want to try and think why not give it a go. Or now, it’s not just black, black-brown, and brown it’s about 3 different levels of blacks, a few more browns, colorful ones and so much more and the other day I went to clean my wands as I do once before I toss them and I was shocked to see how many I actually had. It’s taking me a while to purchase expensive mascaras because of their shelf life but I have been taking advantage of Sephora’s mini items and have a few.


I must say that I use a different one for different looks which I never thought mattered until different wands showed me that it does matter. SO let’s go over the different types of wands there are on the market, or a few of them. Thanks to the Beauty Snoop.com I didn’t have to create the names on the brushes (SCORE!!)

OVERSIZED: These are not my favorite especially since I have very small and curved lashes, a brush like this gets product every where or doesn’t get enough on my eyes because it doesn’t go with the curve of my lashes so when they say MAXIMUM VOLUME they must mean for longer lashes.

CONE TAPER: This is the newest purchase of mine and I must say that as I thought I’d like the cone shape to get the tiny lashes in the corners of my eyes, this is not a great one for that. I actually do not like it because for my type of lashes I don’t get full coverage cause of the cone so I guess it’s good for winged outer but what about the middle? DUH!!

CURVED: This one is okay for my lashes and in general, the curve isn’t too much and it actually gets to the middle of my curvy lashes, it curls right on with me.

BALLED TIP: I didn’t like this at first (it’s on how the benefit wand is) but it’s fabulous for getting the corners of the eyes, like it says! The flaw is that the ball tip can pick up more mascara than wanted and you will have to maneuver it to make sure you don’t get spider eyes but I’ve mastered it and you will too!

MICRO WAND: Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!! Having tiny curly lashes can be a pain, especially when your bottom lashes are almost stuck to your face and that’s where this beauty comes into play. I used it as an all around wand for top and bottom especially on the days that I want a really light look.

RUBBER SHORT: I’ve used this kind and all I have to say is “HUH?” who made this one, it’s so odd and there really isn’t another word for it. No matter what, it picks up more mascara than needed and then you end up looking whore-ish or like spiders and that’s no good.

FLAT COMB: This does what the rubber short tried to do but yet again it’s straightness is what makes it an unusual wand to use for every day.

These are just a few of the wands on the market! How has mascara shopping for you been?

wpid-images.jpgwpid-images-1.jpg.jpegWhy would they give us so many options? DO they know how meticulous we can be with makeup? Are they trying to punish us? It’s becoming a bit upsetting to just stop in and pick up a darn mascara!

Then there are colorful mascaras – which I love! A blue mascara is like the perfect medium light roast, with steamed soy, shot of caramel, extra hot, and extra shot caribou cup of magic and it’s so fucking fierce!!

wpid-blue-mascara-2.jpgI haven’t tried a red mascara yet but or the orange but it’s on my list. Purple, well the one that I have is very light and it gives a really weird effect that I like my eyes look bigger and brighter but I dislike the wand (it’s very flimsy):                                              wpid-img_20150827_105611.jpgI do like the Benefit cosmetics sort of balled tip wand, It’s the one that get’s those corners like no other! I said I would never purchase $20 mascara but this is definitely worth it.wpid-img_20150827_105726.jpg

The coned wand is one that I just cannot get adjusted to but it was a great price of $6.97 at Wal-Mart!

wpid-img_20150827_105222.jpgIf you’ve tried this one let me know what you think about this particular wand. I think maybe if it was longer then it could get the entire lash without having to get the tip then double back for the middle making it clump up more. I really wanna know who was behind the making of this particular design and if they truly thought over how this would work as a fully functional mascara. I understand mascara for different effects but if it can’t give the effect entirely, what made them think we’d want to use two different mascaras on one eye? That’s ridiculous as Starbucks NEVER making my coffee with steamed soy the right way and always doing half steamed soy and half coffee (GROSS folks!) then looking at me like I fucked up ordering when they fucked up listening!

My new favorite other than the Benefit one is another Maybelline that’s a recent purchase. This really is a fully functional wand that does the job without fail, the amount of mascara that gets on the wand is just like that perfect porridge for that golden locked child.wpid-img_20150827_105315.jpg

But nevertheless, there are far TOO many wands on the market! That sentence alone would go good in a Harry Potter book but sadly it’s reality. They are over saturating us with wands and it’s not even Halloween! All I know is I’d love for them to give us back just a few options and not thousands!! Prime example is the picture below, that’s all Clinique like seriously – there are many things that make it difficult for a woman to get dressed but mascara should never be one of them! I think mascara wands CAN matter but they don’t have to, not to this extent!




What’s your favorite mascara?


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