Dose of Colors II


I couldn’t resist going online and getting more Dose of Colors especially the glosses because they were still on sale for $10 but I found myself stuck with choosing a color. Most of them are pinks and I own a lot of pink lipsticks, glosses, etc. which led me, after reviewing some swatches online, to pick up the color “Sunshine Kisses” and because all the talk about their liquid lipsticks were giving me a good heart ache I picked up one in “Berry Me 2”! Both of these are pretty sweet and well worth the price.   wpid-wp-1440177418757.jpeg

I absolutely love the packaging of these and I am looking forward to seeing what their new packaging looks like that they plan to reveal – If I remember correctly – August 24th.


  • PRICE– $18 for the liquid lipstick and $10 for the gloss ($5.50 flat shipping)
  • FORMULA – As stated in my last post on the lip gloss, it’s really light weight with an almost slippery feel to it on your lips but it stays and the color is pigmented. This color –Sunshine Kisses – is a bit splotchy but as with the last color I applied only to the bottom lip then rubbed lips together and got a nice light layer of color, enough to be seen but not too much to be splotchy. The liquid lipstick formula is pretty damn nice too. It’s not too drying and feels really light weight, that’s hard to achieve with a liquid lipstick and there is no cracking on the lips.
The flash pic is on the right

The flash pic is on the right

I wanted more of an orange colors like I saw on other women but I do realize that my skin tone changes that so it’s okay by me. This is one that I would have to wear with a liner to get a fuller coverage and a seamless application on the lip outline.

  • SHIPPING – I really do like how fast the shipping is, every time I order from this company their email shipping updates are fast and shipping is really fast. If I needed this for the weekend and ordered it on a Monday, I know that I’ll get it in time and that matters sometimes so that’s a major PRO!
  • SCENT FREE– Scented makeup really burns my biscuits! You’d think that in this allergy-infested day and age that cosmetic companies will STOP putting scents in their product or make a non-scented version or maybe I’m asking for too much but anywho I love the scent-freeness of it!
Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don't like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.

Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don’t like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.


Honestly the only con is the slippery feel of the lip gloss but I find nothing else that I can say bad about this product. They really hit the nail on the head with these and it’s a first to have a companies, lipstick, lip gloss, and liquid lipsticks all be great.

So with that being said on we go to the next phase of this review:



What makes me really happy with a lip product is when one swipe does it all. I do not like to keep dipping in the tube, two dips is all I like and with these that’s all you need.

The gloss really does take just one swipe especially since it’s so opaque but slippery.

The liquid lipstick – as any liquid lipstick lover knows- you can complete an application with one dip in the tube but we like to make sure we have perfect coverage so two dips will do the trick.

With any good lipstick I like knowing that the clean-up time is not going to be extreme and you know there are some liquid lipsticks out there that takes a vat of oil and an entire package of oval cotton wipes to get the job done. You will see me show the clean-up period because it’s a big thing to me. There is nothing like going to bed looking like the joker because  you’re too tired or too drunk to completely wipe off the product.


I used pretty cheap makeup remover wipes – these are what I keep at work (YES it’s that boring sometimes that I can review products for a blog post at my desk). One wipe of took off the lip gloss which was to be expected with such a light color however with the pink I review last week, I needed more than one wipe.

The liquid lipstick took multiple wipes, scrubbing, and then a trip to the rest room to completely wash it off and I still see a faint line on my hand. At home I’ll use a much stronger wipe so I anticipate less time than today but overall not worse than a few other brands I have.

I do wish that the lip glosses pay off is as good as it is on the napkin.

(don’t mind mine nail(s), yes they are hideous)


I decided to apply the lip gloss over the liquid lipstick and I must say, I love the mixture of these two together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

So there you have it ladies and gents and whoever stumbles up this post. Let me know if you have these what you think about them and their colors.



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