DOSE of COLORS: Lipgloss


On instagram the other day, Dose of Colors stated that they were having a sale on their lip glosses before the new packaging rolls out. They were $10 ($5 shipping) versus the regular $16 (maybe $15) and THEY ARE STILL ON SALE NOW so I went online and purchased one in the color WILD CHILD.

It’s a very pretty pink.

On their website they describe their lip glosses as: “Opaque, non-sticky lip gloss with a uniquely smooth feel. Vegan, cruelty, gluten, and paraben free.”


They are opaque – more than I thought it would be.

It is non-sticky with a very UNIQUE yet gritty feel to it but still smooth. It kind of feels like this dollar store brand I bought once but not really but kind of. . .so it’s definitely unique but nothing that will bother me.



ONE SWIPE is enough to get great coverage on your lips and if you wanted, you could build the color up for more vibrancy but doing that will make it more “slippery” like.

The fact that after wiping it off (pic below) there was still a slight stain was impressive considering it’s feel. I had enough pink on my lips that looked like I had on a pale pink matte lipstick. Definitely NOT BAD at all!!

I like how it looks the same with or without a flash!

PACKAGING I normally do not care for packaging unless it’s just stupid and makes storing it a pain but I like theirs. I have a lip stick of theirs in “Seduction” and the white tube with the pink letters are very attractive. I like how this tube is sleek; a bit big but really cute and chic and that you can see the color so you know when you are running out. I also adore the little card they send with the product with a little thank you on it and the black box it comes in is a perfect contrast to the white tube.

PRICE Even at it’s regular price it’s not so bad even with shipping. It’s the same I’d pay for a Smashbox or BiTE Beauty, etc. so it’s not out of the normal.


One Swipe


UNIQUE SMOOTH FEEL That would be the only con I have. This slightly gritty feeling seems to feel like it’s slipping all over your lips and it transfers on to everything. My first application I put on a lot but then wiped it off and applied just on my bottom lip then blotted the top and it was better. It’s the kind of gloss that gathers in the corners of your mouth if it’s too “wet” – not a deal breaker buuuut not running to it (although they are still on sale so I am on the site purchasing more colors)


It’s a great product with flaws like any other product but definitely worth copping a few colors.

Unfiltered Photo

Unfiltered Pic




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