I ordered this offline during the triple points last week for $25 ($30.42 after tax and shipping). Wanted it to be able to try Tarte, Sugar, and Marc Jacobs.

So What in’s this cute little box?

It came with black stuffing inside.

It came with black stuffing inside.

Included in the box:

Sephora Rogue Infusion Lip Stain – Tarte – Fresh Sugar Rose – Marc Jacobs – Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss – Kat Von D liquid Lipstick

Such a cute packaging of travel sized items. I love the surge of travel size makeup for traveling and if you’re like me, you keep a stash of make-up at work and these tiny sizes work perfectly for the days I ran out the house late and didn’t fully finish my face.

Sephora Rogue Infusion – The Neutrals:

Color is Peony

#19 Peony

I have tried this before and did not particularly like how it felt on my lips, in fact I believe I still have it at home un-used however, I will try it again seeing as I love the color. (Swatches Below)

It can get a bit sticky on application and dries a tad bit too stiff – it really has no depth especially with the dull colors.

I like that it came sealed in plastic – not sure why just this one but I approve.




                                                             TARTE Amazonian Butter Lipstick:

Color: Coral Blossom

Color: Coral Blossom

I am glad I got to try this because I like the way it feels and can see myself purchasing a full-sized tube. I do not particularly like the card board tube because wet countertops happen in life so the durability is a question but nothing big to worry about. It has a menthol feel on the lips, not sure how I feel about it yet. The color is actually more pigmented than I thought it would be.

For a travel size it’s not a bad amount. In the photo it’s extended to the top and it doesn’t have a scent so that’s a bonus.

FRESH Sugar Rose` Tinted Lip Treatment:

Sugar Rose

Sugar Rose

I have been wanting to see what all the hype was about this product and it’s pretty good. It reminds me of Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” but more deluxe in product feel if you know what I mean. This is a nice travel size as you can see it’s a small tube but the entire tube is product so that’s nice!

I do not know how I feel about the screwing of the top, we’ll have to see have convenient that is over time, this is a nice smooth product I would use under lip stains that are drying. It gave no color at all so to pay full price ($22.50) for one doesn’t seem logical to me when it’s just a balm but I haven’t used it all to determine the truth of that statement!


                                                             Marc Jacobs – Le Marc Lip Crème:

Color is Je'Taime

Color is Je’Taime

I am not a big designer buyer when it comes to lipstick because I worked in retail for over 15 years (still do PT) so I know how prices are marked up and cost prices are low, etc. but I have been wanting to try a few of them to even see if they are worth the money. I must say I am disappointed in how tiny this sample/travel size is. . . it’s really small:

wpid-wp-1439391266454.jpegI totally understand wanting to just let us get sample but this was the smallest thing in the box. It’s a cute little package and definitely something to throw in the clutch on a night out so you don’t lose a full sized one for $30 a pop.

I tried it on and it glides on very smooth with a lot of rich color instantly. There isn’t a scent which is nice and as I’ve had it on for a while it’s still moisturizing, not smudging, but the color has faded a bit and is showing lines in my lip heavily. If I had to compare this to something I’d compare it to BiTE Beauty lipstick because that brand is creamy but VERY long wear for the formula and this Marc Jacobs isn’t as awesome as BiTE – to me. If I find it on sale or on Ebay, sure I’ll grab one but I won’t be going to the store raving about this!!!

Marc Jacobs on the lips. No Filters just my flash.

Marc Jacobs on the lips. No Filters just my flash.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss:

Color is #202

Color is #202

I have a full size of this product in Purple. I am not a fan of the doe foot wand but it’s not the end of the world as far as wands are concerned. It’s deceiving when you look at it with the top on because it looks like such a small amount (which it is) but when you undo the cap you see that you have about double the amount that it appears to be.

I am 50/50 on these. This color is BLAH, no pigment, no nothing, just a thick lip gloss that’s not worth the full price $19. The purple I have is really thick but goes well with the purple MUF lipstick I have that I wear during game day for MN Vikings!

There are better lip glosses on the market.

                                                       Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick:

Color is Lolita

Color is Lolita

Ask me who makes the best damn liquid lipstick and I will point you to Kat Von D! Whatever formula she uses, I need her to share with everyone else because this product is fabulous. It’s long-lasting; once you have this on it’s not smudging or budging for very long time – literally good for about 5-6 hours or more and no transfer to food or cups or kissing your partners.

The pigments are incredible with these, absolutely beautiful colors, bold and you can even apply a lip gloss over it or liner. What I love about these is that you can reapply and it will not feel sticky nor be two tones (one darker/one lighter) she really did hit on the nail on the head with these. Getting this stuff off though takes some patience. I use an oil based remover and then makeup remover wipes to finish it off but a bit of tint was still left on my lips.

The one con is that I ruined a pair of BRAND NEW $54.95 slacks with this tube because, when you put the applicator back in the tube, you can’t do so all haphazardly, you really do have to slide it in carefully or risk some spraying out, like a tiny dot or two and that happened to me. Because it was in my makeup bag upside down, but closed, after I reapplied (because I had ate a big meal and wanted a fresh coat) I twisted the cap on and a red dot made it’s way onto the front of my light grey slacks. I was (and still am) pissed because it was the first day I wore those. I feel like sending a bill to Kat Von D for replacement (UGH) so my mistake is your warning to be careful. Other than that, it’s a great product!

                                                             BELOW are swatches on my hand:

Flash and No Flash

Flash and No Flash

What I love about this set is that all of the colors are in the same color family. You could take this entire box set on vacation and have a morning, midday, and night lip all set.

For the overall price it’s definitely worth picking up because ladies and gents, we can never have too many travel sized lippies!!!!




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