All LIPSTICK Lovers MUST Have This!!!

Because every woman who loves lipstick needs to know this exists!

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I have been on a LONG quest to find a way to store my ever-growing collection of lipstick and I kept saying to myself, “When will someone create something extremely useful and minimizing dammit?!”

AND VOILA!! They have and it’s awesome and below these words, because I am trying to build up suspense, I will post the picture of this awesome MUST HAVE for all of my lipstick lovers.

Are you ready to see it?

Show of hands? (Yes, raise them please)

Ok. . . .Here it is. . .

Isn't it Gorgeous!! Isn’t it Gorgeous!!

So let me tell you about this Beauty. . .it was made by (from my research) Zahra Beauty ( now whether or not they invented it first I don’t know and kind of don’t care, It’s here and that’s all that matters.

It’s called “Spinning Lipstick Tower” and if you google it you will find a good number…

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e.l.f. the non-christmas kind

because office life is so exciting and i’m soooo busy all day <insert rolling eye emoji and a ugh face> my co-worker and i went on lunch and stopped at old navy and while she picked up uniforms for her kids <insert happy face that the kid is not longer in a uniformed school> i decided to shop around and found the e.l.f selection old navy carries which isn’t bad because i love their quad blush but that’s not what this is about . . .

 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  i picked up two lip items and since it’s deader than a walking dead extra cast up in here i have oodles of time to write a short review on these items.


A lip stain and a lip tint

i figured how bad can they be . . . well since you didn’t ask but i’m offering up the knowledge on the product yo! (yes i’m using lowercase on purpose -_- i see those red lines)


price – both were $2.75 –

container – i’m not one for the sticking your finger in the jar types but the jar for the lip tint is so sleek and small but not too small that i’m okay with it.

the lip stain container has a cool extra bubble like area in the top to further protect the tip from drying out


lip stain – i tried it on and all but it’s nothing to send a pigeon message home about. as you can see below it’s very faint which was expected honestly and on a lighter skin tone, you could really see some color but on me it’s a no go.


i like e.l.f products for their ability to offer up really affordable makeup that isn’t all so bad. i’ve used a number of their products and there are some hits and there are some misses but overall it’s not a bad company to invest money in especially for affordable makeup.

because i actually have some work to do i’ll let the photos speak for themselves.



i don't know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

i don’t know why they labeled the lip stain petal pink because there is nothing pank about it but the lip tint is a bit grapefruity

okie doke kind folk, off i go to the printing room to stand and watch the machine work for me.



Different Mascara Wands or Does it Really Matter?!



I spent the amount of time in the store looking for mascara like I did looking for a toothbrush (my toothbrush selection time is a serious event that could take upwards of an hour) all because the wands are so different now, it was like trying to shop for shoes online; you can see them but you don’t know what they feel like until you get it home and determine if it’s a load of crap or not.

Remember when this was the only mascara you’d go to the store and get? What girl didn’t have this in their possession!! I know when I started wearing mascara this was the only brand I purchased: Maybelline Great Lash!!wpid-hbz-mascaras-maybelline-0312-xln1-e1361395658541.jpg


I used to own about two of them, maybe and now I own about 6 different types of mascara and can never just purchase one, I have to purchase two now because I’ll see a new wand that I want to try and think why not give it a go. Or now, it’s not just black, black-brown, and brown it’s about 3 different levels of blacks, a few more browns, colorful ones and so much more and the other day I went to clean my wands as I do once before I toss them and I was shocked to see how many I actually had. It’s taking me a while to purchase expensive mascaras because of their shelf life but I have been taking advantage of Sephora’s mini items and have a few.


I must say that I use a different one for different looks which I never thought mattered until different wands showed me that it does matter. SO let’s go over the different types of wands there are on the market, or a few of them. Thanks to the Beauty I didn’t have to create the names on the brushes (SCORE!!)

OVERSIZED: These are not my favorite especially since I have very small and curved lashes, a brush like this gets product every where or doesn’t get enough on my eyes because it doesn’t go with the curve of my lashes so when they say MAXIMUM VOLUME they must mean for longer lashes.

CONE TAPER: This is the newest purchase of mine and I must say that as I thought I’d like the cone shape to get the tiny lashes in the corners of my eyes, this is not a great one for that. I actually do not like it because for my type of lashes I don’t get full coverage cause of the cone so I guess it’s good for winged outer but what about the middle? DUH!!

CURVED: This one is okay for my lashes and in general, the curve isn’t too much and it actually gets to the middle of my curvy lashes, it curls right on with me.

BALLED TIP: I didn’t like this at first (it’s on how the benefit wand is) but it’s fabulous for getting the corners of the eyes, like it says! The flaw is that the ball tip can pick up more mascara than wanted and you will have to maneuver it to make sure you don’t get spider eyes but I’ve mastered it and you will too!

MICRO WAND: Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!! Having tiny curly lashes can be a pain, especially when your bottom lashes are almost stuck to your face and that’s where this beauty comes into play. I used it as an all around wand for top and bottom especially on the days that I want a really light look.

RUBBER SHORT: I’ve used this kind and all I have to say is “HUH?” who made this one, it’s so odd and there really isn’t another word for it. No matter what, it picks up more mascara than needed and then you end up looking whore-ish or like spiders and that’s no good.

FLAT COMB: This does what the rubber short tried to do but yet again it’s straightness is what makes it an unusual wand to use for every day.

These are just a few of the wands on the market! How has mascara shopping for you been?

wpid-images.jpgwpid-images-1.jpg.jpegWhy would they give us so many options? DO they know how meticulous we can be with makeup? Are they trying to punish us? It’s becoming a bit upsetting to just stop in and pick up a darn mascara!

Then there are colorful mascaras – which I love! A blue mascara is like the perfect medium light roast, with steamed soy, shot of caramel, extra hot, and extra shot caribou cup of magic and it’s so fucking fierce!!

wpid-blue-mascara-2.jpgI haven’t tried a red mascara yet but or the orange but it’s on my list. Purple, well the one that I have is very light and it gives a really weird effect that I like my eyes look bigger and brighter but I dislike the wand (it’s very flimsy):                                              wpid-img_20150827_105611.jpgI do like the Benefit cosmetics sort of balled tip wand, It’s the one that get’s those corners like no other! I said I would never purchase $20 mascara but this is definitely worth it.wpid-img_20150827_105726.jpg

The coned wand is one that I just cannot get adjusted to but it was a great price of $6.97 at Wal-Mart!

wpid-img_20150827_105222.jpgIf you’ve tried this one let me know what you think about this particular wand. I think maybe if it was longer then it could get the entire lash without having to get the tip then double back for the middle making it clump up more. I really wanna know who was behind the making of this particular design and if they truly thought over how this would work as a fully functional mascara. I understand mascara for different effects but if it can’t give the effect entirely, what made them think we’d want to use two different mascaras on one eye? That’s ridiculous as Starbucks NEVER making my coffee with steamed soy the right way and always doing half steamed soy and half coffee (GROSS folks!) then looking at me like I fucked up ordering when they fucked up listening!

My new favorite other than the Benefit one is another Maybelline that’s a recent purchase. This really is a fully functional wand that does the job without fail, the amount of mascara that gets on the wand is just like that perfect porridge for that golden locked child.wpid-img_20150827_105315.jpg

But nevertheless, there are far TOO many wands on the market! That sentence alone would go good in a Harry Potter book but sadly it’s reality. They are over saturating us with wands and it’s not even Halloween! All I know is I’d love for them to give us back just a few options and not thousands!! Prime example is the picture below, that’s all Clinique like seriously – there are many things that make it difficult for a woman to get dressed but mascara should never be one of them! I think mascara wands CAN matter but they don’t have to, not to this extent!




What’s your favorite mascara?

Dose of Colors II


I couldn’t resist going online and getting more Dose of Colors especially the glosses because they were still on sale for $10 but I found myself stuck with choosing a color. Most of them are pinks and I own a lot of pink lipsticks, glosses, etc. which led me, after reviewing some swatches online, to pick up the color “Sunshine Kisses” and because all the talk about their liquid lipsticks were giving me a good heart ache I picked up one in “Berry Me 2”! Both of these are pretty sweet and well worth the price.   wpid-wp-1440177418757.jpeg

I absolutely love the packaging of these and I am looking forward to seeing what their new packaging looks like that they plan to reveal – If I remember correctly – August 24th.


  • PRICE– $18 for the liquid lipstick and $10 for the gloss ($5.50 flat shipping)
  • FORMULA – As stated in my last post on the lip gloss, it’s really light weight with an almost slippery feel to it on your lips but it stays and the color is pigmented. This color –Sunshine Kisses – is a bit splotchy but as with the last color I applied only to the bottom lip then rubbed lips together and got a nice light layer of color, enough to be seen but not too much to be splotchy. The liquid lipstick formula is pretty damn nice too. It’s not too drying and feels really light weight, that’s hard to achieve with a liquid lipstick and there is no cracking on the lips.
The flash pic is on the right

The flash pic is on the right

I wanted more of an orange colors like I saw on other women but I do realize that my skin tone changes that so it’s okay by me. This is one that I would have to wear with a liner to get a fuller coverage and a seamless application on the lip outline.

  • SHIPPING – I really do like how fast the shipping is, every time I order from this company their email shipping updates are fast and shipping is really fast. If I needed this for the weekend and ordered it on a Monday, I know that I’ll get it in time and that matters sometimes so that’s a major PRO!
  • SCENT FREE– Scented makeup really burns my biscuits! You’d think that in this allergy-infested day and age that cosmetic companies will STOP putting scents in their product or make a non-scented version or maybe I’m asking for too much but anywho I love the scent-freeness of it!
Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don't like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.

Excuse my uber shiny forehead but I don’t like filtering the pics so you can see the true color.


Honestly the only con is the slippery feel of the lip gloss but I find nothing else that I can say bad about this product. They really hit the nail on the head with these and it’s a first to have a companies, lipstick, lip gloss, and liquid lipsticks all be great.

So with that being said on we go to the next phase of this review:



What makes me really happy with a lip product is when one swipe does it all. I do not like to keep dipping in the tube, two dips is all I like and with these that’s all you need.

The gloss really does take just one swipe especially since it’s so opaque but slippery.

The liquid lipstick – as any liquid lipstick lover knows- you can complete an application with one dip in the tube but we like to make sure we have perfect coverage so two dips will do the trick.

With any good lipstick I like knowing that the clean-up time is not going to be extreme and you know there are some liquid lipsticks out there that takes a vat of oil and an entire package of oval cotton wipes to get the job done. You will see me show the clean-up period because it’s a big thing to me. There is nothing like going to bed looking like the joker because  you’re too tired or too drunk to completely wipe off the product.


I used pretty cheap makeup remover wipes – these are what I keep at work (YES it’s that boring sometimes that I can review products for a blog post at my desk). One wipe of took off the lip gloss which was to be expected with such a light color however with the pink I review last week, I needed more than one wipe.

The liquid lipstick took multiple wipes, scrubbing, and then a trip to the rest room to completely wash it off and I still see a faint line on my hand. At home I’ll use a much stronger wipe so I anticipate less time than today but overall not worse than a few other brands I have.

I do wish that the lip glosses pay off is as good as it is on the napkin.

(don’t mind mine nail(s), yes they are hideous)


I decided to apply the lip gloss over the liquid lipstick and I must say, I love the mixture of these two together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

I applied the Sunshine Kisses in the middle then lightly rubbed together.

So there you have it ladies and gents and whoever stumbles up this post. Let me know if you have these what you think about them and their colors.




Hope all of you QUEENS woke up on the right side of the Universe feeling strong and motivated to take on any goal,  challenge, or obstacle today.

Go get your day started…. After you adjust your crown of course 👗👠👜💲💳📚

When I Need To Remember Something I . . . .


There are countless times when I write myself little To-Do notes on various pieces of this card stock paper I have or sticky post-it notes but I end up leaving them on my desk or in my big ol’ purse or pretty much anywhere they shouldn’t be so I started putting these little notes in my make-up bag.

If there is one thing I open every day when I get home it’s my make-up bag because I put the lipstick of the day back in it’s home and I leave my make-up open on my bathroom counter so that I can put the next days lipstick and any things else make-up related that I need in the bag so it has become the only reliable way to ensure that I do not forget my to-do lists.

It’s also pretty mind-blowing that my make-up bag is the only thing I am sure to look in everyday, that literally deserves an actual LAUGH OUT LOUD!

What do you do to remember your little sticky notes or to-do lists?

DOSE of COLORS: Lipgloss


On instagram the other day, Dose of Colors stated that they were having a sale on their lip glosses before the new packaging rolls out. They were $10 ($5 shipping) versus the regular $16 (maybe $15) and THEY ARE STILL ON SALE NOW so I went online and purchased one in the color WILD CHILD.

It’s a very pretty pink.

On their website they describe their lip glosses as: “Opaque, non-sticky lip gloss with a uniquely smooth feel. Vegan, cruelty, gluten, and paraben free.”


They are opaque – more than I thought it would be.

It is non-sticky with a very UNIQUE yet gritty feel to it but still smooth. It kind of feels like this dollar store brand I bought once but not really but kind of. . .so it’s definitely unique but nothing that will bother me.



ONE SWIPE is enough to get great coverage on your lips and if you wanted, you could build the color up for more vibrancy but doing that will make it more “slippery” like.

The fact that after wiping it off (pic below) there was still a slight stain was impressive considering it’s feel. I had enough pink on my lips that looked like I had on a pale pink matte lipstick. Definitely NOT BAD at all!!

I like how it looks the same with or without a flash!

PACKAGING I normally do not care for packaging unless it’s just stupid and makes storing it a pain but I like theirs. I have a lip stick of theirs in “Seduction” and the white tube with the pink letters are very attractive. I like how this tube is sleek; a bit big but really cute and chic and that you can see the color so you know when you are running out. I also adore the little card they send with the product with a little thank you on it and the black box it comes in is a perfect contrast to the white tube.

PRICE Even at it’s regular price it’s not so bad even with shipping. It’s the same I’d pay for a Smashbox or BiTE Beauty, etc. so it’s not out of the normal.


One Swipe


UNIQUE SMOOTH FEEL That would be the only con I have. This slightly gritty feeling seems to feel like it’s slipping all over your lips and it transfers on to everything. My first application I put on a lot but then wiped it off and applied just on my bottom lip then blotted the top and it was better. It’s the kind of gloss that gathers in the corners of your mouth if it’s too “wet” – not a deal breaker buuuut not running to it (although they are still on sale so I am on the site purchasing more colors)


It’s a great product with flaws like any other product but definitely worth copping a few colors.

Unfiltered Photo

Unfiltered Pic





I ordered this offline during the triple points last week for $25 ($30.42 after tax and shipping). Wanted it to be able to try Tarte, Sugar, and Marc Jacobs.

So What in’s this cute little box?

It came with black stuffing inside.

It came with black stuffing inside.

Included in the box:

Sephora Rogue Infusion Lip Stain – Tarte – Fresh Sugar Rose – Marc Jacobs – Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss – Kat Von D liquid Lipstick

Such a cute packaging of travel sized items. I love the surge of travel size makeup for traveling and if you’re like me, you keep a stash of make-up at work and these tiny sizes work perfectly for the days I ran out the house late and didn’t fully finish my face.

Sephora Rogue Infusion – The Neutrals:

Color is Peony

#19 Peony

I have tried this before and did not particularly like how it felt on my lips, in fact I believe I still have it at home un-used however, I will try it again seeing as I love the color. (Swatches Below)

It can get a bit sticky on application and dries a tad bit too stiff – it really has no depth especially with the dull colors.

I like that it came sealed in plastic – not sure why just this one but I approve.




                                                             TARTE Amazonian Butter Lipstick:

Color: Coral Blossom

Color: Coral Blossom

I am glad I got to try this because I like the way it feels and can see myself purchasing a full-sized tube. I do not particularly like the card board tube because wet countertops happen in life so the durability is a question but nothing big to worry about. It has a menthol feel on the lips, not sure how I feel about it yet. The color is actually more pigmented than I thought it would be.

For a travel size it’s not a bad amount. In the photo it’s extended to the top and it doesn’t have a scent so that’s a bonus.

FRESH Sugar Rose` Tinted Lip Treatment:

Sugar Rose

Sugar Rose

I have been wanting to see what all the hype was about this product and it’s pretty good. It reminds me of Maybelline’s “Baby Lips” but more deluxe in product feel if you know what I mean. This is a nice travel size as you can see it’s a small tube but the entire tube is product so that’s nice!

I do not know how I feel about the screwing of the top, we’ll have to see have convenient that is over time, this is a nice smooth product I would use under lip stains that are drying. It gave no color at all so to pay full price ($22.50) for one doesn’t seem logical to me when it’s just a balm but I haven’t used it all to determine the truth of that statement!


                                                             Marc Jacobs – Le Marc Lip Crème:

Color is Je'Taime

Color is Je’Taime

I am not a big designer buyer when it comes to lipstick because I worked in retail for over 15 years (still do PT) so I know how prices are marked up and cost prices are low, etc. but I have been wanting to try a few of them to even see if they are worth the money. I must say I am disappointed in how tiny this sample/travel size is. . . it’s really small:

wpid-wp-1439391266454.jpegI totally understand wanting to just let us get sample but this was the smallest thing in the box. It’s a cute little package and definitely something to throw in the clutch on a night out so you don’t lose a full sized one for $30 a pop.

I tried it on and it glides on very smooth with a lot of rich color instantly. There isn’t a scent which is nice and as I’ve had it on for a while it’s still moisturizing, not smudging, but the color has faded a bit and is showing lines in my lip heavily. If I had to compare this to something I’d compare it to BiTE Beauty lipstick because that brand is creamy but VERY long wear for the formula and this Marc Jacobs isn’t as awesome as BiTE – to me. If I find it on sale or on Ebay, sure I’ll grab one but I won’t be going to the store raving about this!!!

Marc Jacobs on the lips. No Filters just my flash.

Marc Jacobs on the lips. No Filters just my flash.

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss:

Color is #202

Color is #202

I have a full size of this product in Purple. I am not a fan of the doe foot wand but it’s not the end of the world as far as wands are concerned. It’s deceiving when you look at it with the top on because it looks like such a small amount (which it is) but when you undo the cap you see that you have about double the amount that it appears to be.

I am 50/50 on these. This color is BLAH, no pigment, no nothing, just a thick lip gloss that’s not worth the full price $19. The purple I have is really thick but goes well with the purple MUF lipstick I have that I wear during game day for MN Vikings!

There are better lip glosses on the market.

                                                       Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick:

Color is Lolita

Color is Lolita

Ask me who makes the best damn liquid lipstick and I will point you to Kat Von D! Whatever formula she uses, I need her to share with everyone else because this product is fabulous. It’s long-lasting; once you have this on it’s not smudging or budging for very long time – literally good for about 5-6 hours or more and no transfer to food or cups or kissing your partners.

The pigments are incredible with these, absolutely beautiful colors, bold and you can even apply a lip gloss over it or liner. What I love about these is that you can reapply and it will not feel sticky nor be two tones (one darker/one lighter) she really did hit on the nail on the head with these. Getting this stuff off though takes some patience. I use an oil based remover and then makeup remover wipes to finish it off but a bit of tint was still left on my lips.

The one con is that I ruined a pair of BRAND NEW $54.95 slacks with this tube because, when you put the applicator back in the tube, you can’t do so all haphazardly, you really do have to slide it in carefully or risk some spraying out, like a tiny dot or two and that happened to me. Because it was in my makeup bag upside down, but closed, after I reapplied (because I had ate a big meal and wanted a fresh coat) I twisted the cap on and a red dot made it’s way onto the front of my light grey slacks. I was (and still am) pissed because it was the first day I wore those. I feel like sending a bill to Kat Von D for replacement (UGH) so my mistake is your warning to be careful. Other than that, it’s a great product!

                                                             BELOW are swatches on my hand:

Flash and No Flash

Flash and No Flash

What I love about this set is that all of the colors are in the same color family. You could take this entire box set on vacation and have a morning, midday, and night lip all set.

For the overall price it’s definitely worth picking up because ladies and gents, we can never have too many travel sized lippies!!!!



Lotion to use IN THE SHOWER. . . .?

Nivea's In-Shower Body Lotion

Nivea’s In-Shower Body Lotion


I traveled to the lovely land of Wally’s World – in Laymen’s terms – WALMART!

It was time to pick up some household supplies and all that jazz that we love Wally’s World for. They have raised the prices on CETAPHIL cream (the one in the jar) from $10.99 to $11.99 which pissed me off because when you have been using something for SOOOOO long, you notice changes like this and I couldn’t afford $11.99 + tax that day on lotion (or rather I chose not to afford it) so I ventured down the isle where Nivea lived and grabbed a bottle for $6 and some change.

It wasn’t until that night after showering that I noticed how sticky the lotion felt on my skin which was abnormal for Nivea – it literally would not rub in well and then it kind of felt tacky as well, I was confused so I went to look at the bottle and VOILA it’s lotion for IN THE SHOWER!! In my head I was like . . .

I couldn’t grasp why anyone would want to put on lotion in the damn shower. I was upset and put the lotion on the counter and wrapped the receipt around it to remind myself to take it back.

The next day when my friend was sleeping over and she had asked for some lotion I told her all I had was this stupid lotion for the in the shower and at that point I decided – because I too was about to take a shower – to use it in the shower to see why they would make it and well folks when they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, they mean it.

This stuff WORKS like it says! th2S6K77HX

I took a shower and when I rinsed off the soap I applied a generous amount of lotion to my wet and semi-dripping skin rubbing it all in with my hands for about a minute then rinsed it off as directions say to do so (not putting on bottoms of feet to avoid slipping – and rinsing tub with hot water after to avoid leaving residue to slip on) and when I toweled dried I checked my skin and man-oh-man MOISTURIZED!!

I have dry skin and being on the dark side with the skin tone it usually takes about two minutes after the shower for my skin to begin looking ashy and grey but not this time. My skin was moisturized and not ashy looking, except for my feet because I avoided them all together. I am sitting at my desk at work and realized that I haven’t rubbed lotion on my skin yet and by this time – 11:00am I would have already rubbed in a good amount of lotion that I keep on my desk especially in between my fingers but not this time.

I decided to keep the product and have been using it for a solid 3 days now and I like it. My only con would be that – for me at least – I have to apply a lot but I want it to be all over my body and I like the lathery feel so that could use up a lot but other than that it’s a keep product for me and you should try it to just to see what results you would get.

If you have tried this product let me know what you think!

P.S. I purchased the middle one in the pic.