Lip Couture by LASplash: NOT one review kept it REAL!!

I love picking up new lip products from places I’ve never tried before because it’s how I find little lipstick gems like Kiko Cosmetics (which I’ll talk about in another post) and because my love for new cosmetics I end up picking up some really bad items that equals money lost and it goes into the drawer where cosmetics go to die.

SO to the point – On Instagram I came across LASplash cosmetics line with a liquid lipstick called Lip Couture. After viewing the swatches and seeing what IG followers had to say I did some offline research to see what other reviews had to say and after about a week of that (yep my routine is about 1 week long per item – tedious) I went online and decided it was time to pick my color and product:



I was looking for a nice tan/grey and this color looked perfect on so many skin types so What the hell right (insert side eye right here. . . . and then another one)

Price: $14 + shipping ($19 total)

Let’s start with the PROS:

– Color in tube

-The applicator

Okay now that that’s over, let’s go over the CONS:

Smell: it smells like sweet paint, yep you read that right, SWEET PAINT with a tinch of whiteout

The entire damn product!!: I cannot stand being duped. I am starting to believe that some of these “MUA” or “MUBloggers” are getting paid to push crappy products and that annoys me. Be honest!! Everything is not worth a buck! I brought this based off of the MANY positive reviews from various blogs that made me believe that this was a product worth getting. I WAS WRONG.

*let me say that this is about this specific product only as I haven’t tried anything else to say that anything else is this bad

So to continue with the cons I’m going to let the pictures do the talking:

Look at this color against my skin, it's fabulous!!!

Look at this color against my skin, it’s fabulous!!!

The swatch was nice and this is with one swipe so you see full coverage. The problem is getting it off. A day later and I still saw a faint smudge on my hand. I had to rub oil on it to finally get it off! Not uncommon but dayum son!!

First Coat- No Liner (don’t mind my eyes)

I am not a liner wearer with most of my lipsticks and I like to try new ones without a liner. This was on for about 30 seconds when it started to tighten.

A Few mins after application

Now who rubs a lip stain? <Raises hand> I do! It’s the way I test how great the staying/staining power is. If it can be smudged when dried then it’s not a true stain to me and it lets me know my limits when wearing it. You can see how cracked it got on my top two photos and then when it was rubbed/blotted the result is the bottom two pics.

2nd Coat After 15 Mins

2nd Coat After 15 Mins

After I had answered a phone call, drank some water and pressed play on my computer playing Drake’s music, I decided to top another coat.


Because if a lip stain’s power isn’t so staining I like to know what a second coat would like while I’m out and about with fading or blotchy lips! As you can see the second coat added more opaqueness to my lips and really kind of took away that good grey/tan color I initially brought this for.

2nd Coat Tests

2nd Coat Tests

A few minutes after this settled/dried I did the tests again and rubbed/blotted them and the result is above. You can see just how tacky it became as well. Definitely not a good look if I were out in public and keep in mind these are all on one swipes, no double dips.

IN The End. . . .This is Pure Cabinet Garbage

In The End. . . .This is Pure Cabinet Garbage

Taking it off was a challenge and gave me severe dry lips that I had to nurse back to health with some good ol Josie Maran Argan Oil!

In Conclusion: I am not happy with this product and wish I would have purchased that Melt lipstick I had my eye on instead. I know that giving bad reviews is not a good look but I don’t care about that. I want to stopped being fooled by these horrible blog reviews that don’t keep it real!!

I love the colors of their lip glosses and will pick one up if I see it in a store but no more shipping, eff that!

If you have tried this and it works for you, let me know how.

In the partial words of Jerry Seinfeld: “Lip Couture, I think NOT!”

You’re Welcome