Why the hell do I own Yellow Lipstick. . .

And where do I plan on wearing it to?

I haven’t really figured out why I own Yellow lipstick. Did I buy it out of FadDom (My word, I created it..back off 😄) from all of these instagram make up artists playing around with it or did I really want this color…. Well because I couldn’t figure it out my reasons for purchasing this awful color in a Chicago beautystore during a visit to see family,  I decided to play around with this Yellow lipstick to see if it really does belong in my collection….

The results were a fun 25mins……

Take a peek……

The expirement began with realizing that I will never wear Yellow lipstick alone so I decided instead to pair it with other colors, from the same brand that I bought the same day because I have no reason why I own them either.

I began with yellow and orange. This brand of lipstick is by Nicka K sold at beauty stores and online at www. Nickakcosmetics.com and I own some of her more subtle lipsticks and lip pencils (my favs) …these cost $2.99 a pop.

Pros: Very moisturizing, no smell, easy and smooth application, very pigmented except for this Yellow 😐

The photo above show the “before rubbing lips together” and  then after

I rubbed them together and I actually liked the outcome. Not bad considering this was the last combination I tried.

Next was….

Grey and Yellow and as you can see is an instant “Ewwww 😨” I was so dead set on grey lipstick (like I really went and sought out grey for some odd reason, maybe FadDom) and this color was not a go and definitely not a go with the yellow that I thought I needed. *Side Eyeing my damn self*

This combination was atrocious, hedious, grotesque… Just Nah Son!!!
It was worse when mixed/rubbed together…. I really did Laugh out Loud!!

And for the final combination…..

I decided to do the teal on the outside since I already tried yellow on the outside twice

This turned out to be….PUKISH!!


Not a good look… Its infant shit green and really unpleasant. I thought about switching it around but didn’t want to bother with wiping my lips off again and reapplying when I know it’s still going to be infant shit green.



I’ve worn the teal out before and find it to be a beautiful dark and rich color. Smooth and playful. It’s the one color out of this bunch that I actually like and have worn multiple times.


I now know that buying the Yellow lipstick was an impulse buy mixed with FadDom and so it took a little trip – along with the orange and grey – to the little place underneath the cabinet I like to call “Where Make Up Goes To Die” it’s my forgettable pile that friends who know I’m obsessed with makeup go to find something for them and if it isn’t picked during the next scavenger hunt then it’s tossed into real trash land where it really will die. Boo hoo, $9 bucks wasted that would have been a delicious Starbucks run or a few bucks shy of Sephora brand cream lipstick… #lessonlearned


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