All LIPSTICK Lovers MUST Have This!!!

I have been on a LONG quest to find a way to store my ever-growing collection of lipstick and I kept saying to myself, “When will someone create something extremely useful and minimizing dammit?!”

AND VOILA!! They have and it’s awesome and below these words, because I am trying to build up suspense, I will post the picture of this awesome MUST HAVE for all of my lipstick lovers.

Are you ready to see it?

Show of hands? (Yes, raise them please)

Ok. . . .Here it is. . .

Isn't it Gorgeous!!

Isn’t it Gorgeous!!

So let me tell you about this Beauty. . .it was made by (from my research) Zahra Beauty ( now whether or not they invented it first I don’t know and kind of don’t care, It’s here and that’s all that matters.

It’s called “Spinning Lipstick Tower” and if you google it you will find a good number of “online boutiques” (yes I quoted that and some of you know why) who sell these with their “business names” imprinted on the top in the middle (You can kind of see Zahra’s name in the middle).

The Price: $99 (free shipping from Zahra) Amazon has it $129, another site has it for $139, eBay $129, and etc. I chose Zahra because I saw it there first and like the sleek minimal name on the top and because I just got a good vibe from them. One chick had it on sale for $79 but my bank account wasn’t prepared for that at that time. I decided I wanted to see what my options were by getting it from China directly where it’s made and although the cost price was $40 for one (more if I bought bulk) the shipping was $52 so blah, not worth the 26 day wait.


You will also find by googling that title a few variations (especially from China on alixpress or alibaba) that can hold lipstick and powders and brushes and still spin like this one below:

Spinning Lipstick Tower that holds 70+ lipsticks/glosses and brushes on the side and compacts beneath

Spinning Lipstick Tower that holds 70+ lipsticks/glosses and brushes on the side and compacts beneath

As I liked this one, I only found it in China and I am too impatient to wait 26 days.

Mine arrived from Zahra faster than expected (I think about 3 days) and you don’t have to assemble anything just open it up and  go!!

Then there is another one that fits more lipsticks like this one:

As you can see it's 4 rows per section versus the 3 on mine.

As you can see it’s 4 rows per section versus the 3 on mine.

It spins: I tried to upload a video but couldn’t grrr but yes it spins and a full 360, round and round and round like a pretty ballerina.

COLORS: Zahra has silver, black, white (with bling – I chose no bling), pink, red and maybe teal or else I seen teal elsewhere.

Can it fit lip gloss? Well yes and no, the slots are just the right size for lipstick as you can see but you can put lip gloss on top but Zahra has one that holds lip gloss. . .YEP (saweeet) but it’s about $130. I put a few liquid lippies in there and this is what it looks like:

Liquids Lipsticks on the bottom

Liquids Lipsticks on the bottom

How Many Lipsticks Does It Hold: 81 YAS 81 awesome lipsticks……..How great is that right?!

Can it Fit ALL kinds of lipstick: The top cannot fit big square ones (well because the holes are circular 😐) like Smashbox but the bottom can fit various kinds and I have a few big ones.

Can it Stain: It’s plastic so most likely but not something that will happen ya know.

Is it Heavy: It kind of is – it’s 6lbs in the box and stuffing and all for shipping but maybe 3lbs empty. It’s not too bad but you def want it where it’s going to stay just so you don’t have to keep moving it although it you have to, It wouldn’t be a problem.

FLAWS: This has one flaw I found which thanks to my research before buying I watched a YouTube video of a woman fixing this flaw. In the photo below I have highlighted this flaw which is smaller lipsticks like Smashbox are too short and will fall back in the slanted slot further than you would like or can easily grasp and pull out so to stop that from happening,

You can see that the bubble wrap helps the smaller lipsticks join the party

You can see that the bubble wrap helps the smaller lipsticks join the party

I took the bubble wrap that came in the package and cut a few pieces and stuck them behind them and problem solved and it’s not something that can be easily seen.

Another thing is DO NOT put lipsticks with sizes like Smashbox in the last/bottom slots because there is a kind of dip (you can see what I’m talking about at the bottom) like a pocket that it goes into and that is extremely hard to get out (trust me – I had to remove all the lipstick and tip it and have my son grab the tube out) so I added bubble wrap.

OVERALL: I am happy with this purchase and I will buy the lip gloss one when I need it and or maybe another one of these. This is the best $99 I’ve spent towards organizing my make-up that is so worth it.

Let me know what you ladies use to store your lipsticks in and if you have this beauty how do you like it?

P.S. There is even one for storing nail polish. . . . .


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