The COVETED Naked Palette/Yey or Nay

SOOOOOO I haven’t done a makeup post in a long time and I feel now is time. I have been after the Urban Decay Naked palette for about 2 years now but I could never bring myself to spend $60 for an eye shadow palette especially when I am a lipstick chick but over Christmas I got a $30 GC to Sephora and a friend brought me a Smashbox lip set that I already had so boom, I exchanged that and with the GC purchased the Naked 1 palette. I tried the Naked 3 palette that a friend has and it’s too light and shimmery for me so I thought the 1 would be perfect.

So what did I think of this all so popular coveted palette:


– Great color variation (not all shimmery and light, some matte and dark)

– Nice size

-Brush included

Size is nice and Slender

Love when a brush is included

Love when a brush is included


-Price $54 plus tax is a bit steep for an eyeshadow palette for ME. Not everyone’s budget can hack the price.

-Color payoff – I am dark cocoa skinned and these colors are very light, even the dark colors which are matte is not as dark (vs my MEET MATTE shadow that’s perf)

Without a Flash

Without a Flash

With Flash, All colors swatched in order

With Flash, All colors swatched in order

– The compact is velvet, I now understand why the Naked 3 is metal. When putting this on my counter I have to make sure the counter isn’t wet or greasy and let’s be honest ladies, water and oil are our counters enemies.

Too Much Fall Out – To deal with not having good color show up on my eyes but plenty on my cheeks is not cool, I shake the brush off properly and all that jazz but I cannot deal with fall out.


This is going back to the store. The Smashbox palette my friend got me is perfect. I use one or two palettes for everyday as I am not an eyeshadow person, I have more lipstick that shadows because my eyes are almost always the same ten different variations of the same palette so I will be heading back to Sephora and getting more lipstick because the Smashbox palette is it for me for a while, it will replace my Sigma palette that is almost retired.




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