My favorite Photographer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Unsung Heroes.”

Rodney Lough Jr. used to have a gallery in the Mall of America where I work and on break I would walk over there and just start at his work. He took some fascinating pictures of nature, photos that left me breathless as most nature photos do. I was in love with one picture in particular: Burning Down The House. Oh my – this photo took my breath away because I always feel like I saw what he saw when he he took the photo. I stared at it so much and wished I could own a print but knew that as a single mother working PT, I couldn’t afford to spend money on a picture. My boss knew that this was where I’d go spend my break and 3 Christmas’s ago she got me the print of that photo. I couldn’t believe I finally owned it.

I guess he isn’t on everyone’s radar because he isn’t that popular. I don’t think he is into social media and what not, he likes taking photos and he has his fans and I think he is ok with that. Any who check out the photo

By Rodney Lough Jr.

By Rodney Lough Jr.


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