Well this was disappointing. . .


BROKEN LIPSTICK….. Broken brand new lipstick!!!

I just bought this today from Forever21…the Love & Beauty brand of theirs and after I got rested I decided to get up and go try on the new lipstick. . . Exciting right?!


I twist it up just a smidge and spread it so delicately on my lips when I notice the stick is leaning so I know what this meant….. it’s broken! SMH <~ Literally.  . . So I twist the tube all the way up and there it was. . . like a surgical makeup vixen herself slit this bad boy right at the artery, it's gone.  Not salvageable without timely cosmetic surgery to which I don't have the energy nor the interest to do so right now and on a $3.80 tube of lipstick.

Now I know what you're thinking?

– at $3.80 per tube how good can it be?  Well… when I can get a Black Radiance from Wal-Mart for $1.99 and its color and construction is perfect then I expect this to be good enough to last a few swipes before being broken.

So what now?

– I'm unhappy being out of $4.27 because I could have gotten anything else that I could have used….annnnnd now I have to put on my non-latex gloves and perform cosmetic meltdown surgery…. but not today so instead of getting to wear my Rust colored lipstick…it'll go in the,  "Not Wearable Just Yet" pile….a pile for oldies not newbies.

Disappointed NotForever21….. I'll stick to the cheap brands I know are worth the hassle. Grrrrrrr



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