Holy Hell This Stinks…..


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I have never smelled anything so brutally bad for a lotion. I put it on my hands at work an hour ago and I have a migraine now at home.  I’ve washed my hands and the smell is still there.  I can’t believe how absolutely horrible this smells. I like Shea Moisture products but whatever is in this particular formula should be burned at never ever again created I’ve any form.

You guys I am so angry…..I am very sensitive to strong smells so much so that I get migraines from it and I can’t believe that I’m sitting here dealing with this. Granted is my fault. I left my scent free lotion at home and used my co-workers at work. I saw it was Shea Moisture and assumed it was good but boy was I wrong.

All I CAN say is smell it first and smell it good.

I’m about to Black African soap my hands to high hell.  Let’s hope this smell goes away.



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