Last night I took clippers to the dome and shaved all my hair off. One friend asked if I was going through a mid-life crisis……no I’m not.  No crisis here I just needed to start over.  My hair was so damaged and I was so obsessed with holding onto it because unfortunately, I am my hair.  It owns me. My hair made me feel pretty.  Without it, I feel ugly…. even in this picture but I need to get over that ideology that my hair is me. It isn’t and I needed to prove to myself that IT’S not something that should control my life. I couldn’t exercise because I sweat so much and my hair instantly poofs up and all the work that went into a hairstyle was moot!!


And so here it begins. 
It felt so good to take a shower and fell the water on my scalp….men….I know the feeling now lol. I have a weave in now because I’m waiting for 3 weeks until new growth comes in and I can go and get my hair lined.  I knew the steps I would take but I didn’t plan a day and so this kept being prolonged. I can’t wait for the 3 weeks to pass so I can put the weave away for good.

Why cut it then put on fake hair?

This was the plan and I have a scar on my scalp from when I was dropped ob my head as a baby….I don’t like it. I want enough hair to cover it up or make it not stand out so much. 

What amazes me is my maturity with my hair.  5 years ago I would have cried…. wait I did cry to my stylist about my hair. Last night,  I shedded not one tear. I smiled and that get good to no longer be so attached to my hair that I cry.

Today is a good day!



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