Some Goods from Sehora

Going into a Sephora is a magical experience for me. I am surrounded by all the things I love: MAKEUP. ON one of my last trips in I picked up two things and absolutely love them.


Without Flash

I love both of these items. The Sephora tube is Matte Luster  Long Wearing Stain and the other is BITE Cosmetics double ended lipstick.


SEPHORA Matte Luster:

  • Price: $16
  • Staying power: Surprisingly great for a creamy gloss but the wear is nice.
  • Application: A nice oblong shaped applicator have just the right amount on it to not need another dip in the tube
  • Smell: Scent free which is great for me
  • Pigment: VERY pigmented, nice and bright
Matte Luster

This color is believe is Mulberry *with flash/one swipe

Sephora Matte Luster

Without Flash/one swipe

CONS: NONE SO FAR. It’s been one of my favorites since I purchased, I will be buying more colors.

NEXT UP. . .

BITE Cosmetics. I am trying this again as the first time I tried it, the lipstick was just not a favorite but I loved this double stick tube and took a chance and. . .


  • Price: $12 (not bad at all)
  • Staying power: Seriously this stuff lasts just about all day and with a creamy texture I didn’t expect it to have a nice staying power but it remains lightly creamy with keeping it’s full bright pigment.
  • Smell: There is a faint smell that you get used to, it’s from all the natural ingredients used but nothing to steer you away.
  • Pigment: AMAZING, period.
  • Texture: creamy but not messy creamy

Colors are Violet (top), Palamino (bottom)/without flash


Without flash


  • Application: I do not fancy this double tube. It’s messy as hell. I’ve gotten lipstick on my clothes plenty of times because of it and was highly pissed off. It’s also very sensitive, the first one I brought broke right away so I took it back and realized what I had to do to use it. I got another one and didn’t twist it up much when applying but it still broke (recently) and I’ve had this for about 2 months now. I used the Palamino color more.  .actually all the time. I DO NOT recommend buying the double tube UNLESS you were doing so like I did, to test out the colors and product, then it’s worth it. Just be careful


VERDICT: I love these items and will definitely buy more of the Matte Luster and will purchase the BITE Cosmetics lipstick in Palamino for $26 especially now that I know how much I absolutely love the color.






3 thoughts on “Some Goods from Sehora

  1. musicmovingforward says:

    After reading this I was intrigued to trying out the BITE lip product due to the double tube, but after reading it was messy I just might pass on it. I’m still interested in the other lippies they have.

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