Coastal Scents CREATIVE ME PALETTE: Primary Beauties!!!



I’ve been waiting to buy one of their palettes for a while but I could never decide which one to get.  I saw swatches of this one and decided that this would be the one I purchase from

So straight to the point, is it all good or all bad?

It’s purty good!


  • Size: It’s a nice compact size that can travel with you on a daily and not be too bulky, sleek and thin
  • Price: $14.95 I believe shipping was $7 so $20 which isn’t bad for a palette with such vivid colors
  • Pigment: well this is very pigmented and very colorful. See for yourself below:
I decided to put all the colors on one eye, lol. I was in a playful mood but as you can see, it’s very pigmented on my dark skin. (actually I think I don’t have the lighter yellow on but I have most of them)


  •  The pots are removable so you can add whatever colors you like if you don’t like these and the pots online are super cheap too, less than a few bucks and some are only a $1.
  • Staying Power: This has a good staying power. I had to wipe it off really good with my makeup wipes to get the color off.

If I had a bad thing to say it’ll be that although they are pigmented, they are messy. Lots of droppage. You definitely have to blow on the brush before applying to your face.

Other than that. I love it.

Below are some more photos and swatches
This is without flash and below is with flash.

This is with the flash. As you can see, all of the colors show up well. It’s about two finger swipes on each color. Below are the swatches without a flash.


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