My Miracle Soap!


I ♥ this soap more than I ever knew I could love a soap.

Nothing seemed to working for my sensitive skin and with my weave wearing hairstyles and makeup application,  I was getting bumps on my face…….I was freaking out too!! I’ve read reviews Ib African black soap but never ordered any online so when I saw this in Wal-Mart I had to grab it and it has been my go-to soap ever since.

Why do I LOVE it:

It’s lather is supreme….. it’s scented but very natural…. it clears my face acne in one day….. use all over my body to help with the itching. Only $4 bucks and goes a long way, the suds from the lather is all I need. And I can wash my hair with it!!

What’s good though – has some draw backs:

It’s drying like glycerin soap BUT it was expected so I combat this by immediately once skin is air dried,  apply my Josie Maran argan affinity oil or tea tree oil, almond oil or cetaphil cream. Either one gives my face the moisture it needs and then voila my face is so fresh and so clean.

GIVE THIS A TRY…..I don’t swear by many products but I tell you what,  this is amazing.  The reviews were right even the bad but all the bad reviews mentioned the drying and soaps like this and glycerin WILL dry your skin is all about applying that moisturizer.



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