EYESHADOW BASES: Homeruns or Strike Outs?


I never used eye shadow bases before a few months ago but recently I decided to try some out.

The first one I started with the Milani, I used that for a few months and its mediocre with some creasing by the end of the day and then I came across the Mac eye shadow base pot but I didn’t want to pay that much for it so I looked elsewhere and found the Sigma eyeshadow base. It’s pretty good. I see minimal to no creases after an 8-9 hour work/school day. I used that for a few weeks and then I decided to pick up NYX’s base when Target began to carry the product. It’s just like the Sigma; holds pretty much all day with minimal to no creasing.

I actually like all three of them as they each have served their purposes.  I’ve found myself using the Sigma more but both Sigma and NYX are about the same in quality so I switch between the two so I can give both some love. The Milani is neglected….I won’t buy it again unless it’s a temporary replacement.

So overall,  both the Sigma and NYX are game winning homeruns while Milani strikes out!


Milani     $6.99
NYX       $6.99
SIGMA   $13

What kind do you use?


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