H&M Has Cosmetics: Is It A HOT MESS or NOT?

I LOOOOOOVE finding new and cheap make-up at random places and H&M had nail polish and eye shadows a while back but now they have a full fledged section of cosmetic products and I was excited to try out what they have as I do like the eyeshadow I brought from them. So this is what I picked up from them:


Two Eyeshadow palettes, the darker color is the one I picked up a few months back. Mascara, Lip gloss, lipstick, and a smaller lip gloss.

The darker palette is called Smoky Blue and the lighter is Smoky Pink (they also have SMOKY on the front of it’s clear top on all of them. The lipstick is called Pink Fool, and the pink tube of lip gloss is called YOU AND ME, and the small tube of red lip gloss is called, Deep Red (which they have their colors mixed up because there is nothing deep about this red).

So as always, to the point, did H&M get it right or right enough or is this line one big HOT ass MESS?!

. . . . . . . .They got it right enough. . . . .


  • Price: Lipsticks are $4.95, Shadows $5.95, Glosses $4.95, Mascara $3.95 so not a bad price at all
  • Quality:
    •  Lipstick: The pink I have is very neon like, not the greatest on pigment but with a liner it’s not bad.
    • Lip Gloss: wpid-20140317_174603.jpgAs you can see in the pic with a flash is not bad (don’t mind my weird look. lol flash was bright) It’s like any other gloss and it’s a bit sticky but not so much. I am surprised at the pigment on my skin tone and it’s the same color as the lipstick but the lipstick is more opaque.
    • The red lip gloss reminds me of OCC Lip Tar and it’s not as pigmented as the OCC but to not have to spend $18 it’s fairly good for a cheap thrill.
    • Mascara: When I opened it, the wand was really big and I don’t like big wands on my mascara but the amount of mascara on the wand was not clumpy like my Ulta one so I can work with this one.
    • Eye Shadows: I love them, of course like with most cheap eye shadows (and even some pricy ones) a base is needed but it has an average staying power. No crease and looks good.
    • wpid-20140317_182023.jpg

      The 1st is 3 swipes of the lipstick, middle is the red, and the last is the pink tube of gloss. Without a flash you can see the color good on my skin tone so not bad for me.


      And in the same order as the previous pic but with a flash and again, the color payoff is not bad.

  • Design: The eye shadows are perfect in size, I love the rectangular shaped palettes. The lipstick tube is a bit bulky but I like the color showing at the bottom and it’s not far off the beaten path. The red tube is bleh. . .messy like OCC Lip Tar and the lip gloss pink tube is average although I wish more would come out on the wand.


  • To be honest there isn’t much bad about these except maybe color payoff but for the price they are good to go.

And just a photo of it all without the flash as I love to show how it looks in both light and no light.

THE VERDICT: I like them. They also had nail polish, lipstick/gloss duos, lip pencils which didn’t look to be too good on the color payoff right in the tube but who knows, bronzers, different shadow palettes, brushes, eyeshadow pencils, eye lashes, and body wash and soaps. So they have stepped their game up and it’s not a bad game. I think they are definitely worth picking up one or two of the items to have as backups or just to have.I am gonna go back for the bronzers because they looked great and a shadow stick. I don’t plan on getting the regular brushes but their kabuki brushes didn’t look so bad.

Okie doke. . .Let me know if you go pick some up and what you grab.


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