NYX Liquid Illuminator- Is it really Born to Glow?


SOOOOOOO Target has been revamping lately and added an entire NYX and ELF cosmetic section, as well as Shea Moisture cosmetics. . .and naturally this gets my blood flowing because I get super excited about new makeup BUT I am not a fan of NYX’s lipsticks. I have gotten 3 kinds; a cream, a matte, and something else and I hate them all. I find nothing awesome about them and don’t get the hype. So I thought I’d try some of their other products and I love their liners. . . .so I picked this up and it’s just as crappy as the lipstick.

WHY you ask? Is it really Born to Glow like it says on the package. . .

I’ll tell you. . . .ehhhhh NO.


  • For women who would like this, the price is okay. It’s around $7.99 so not a bad price considering what I pay for NARS (although NARS is quality so. . .)
  • For lighter toned women, I can see it being of some use.


  • Quality- this is just UGH so annoyingly not good. It’s nice and thin but it’s sticky. Feels very tacky.
  • It’s like an eyeshadow base, it dries up so fast that you can’t blend well on skin.
  • It leaves a streak if not blended well so it’s only useful to me to be worn under foundation or BB Cream (but that defeats the purpose for me really)

THE VERDICT: For the price I will keep it because returning it means finding the receipt and I lost it GRRRR. But it’s not so bad considering the price. I won’t buy it again but now that I’ve had it for about two weeks I know how to work with it so it takes some working to blend it. I’d say, for a good illuminator, stick with quality products on this one.



(With flash)


This is how fast it dries, I put it on my arm, uploaded the pics and then touched it and it was dry as ever so I rubbed it about 3 times and it broke up on my skin like so.


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