More than 1 Orange Lipstick. . . Really?


Yes, really. I’ve been seeing so many posts about Orange lipstick lately and it’s been a 50/50 love/hate on the color. I love the color a lot so I thought I’d post about my favorite oranges. It took me a while to find the color I liked, I was so afraid at first to wear orange because it was so bold, even bolder than my brightest pink (and I have some showstopping bright pinks for my dark self) but I set out on a mission like I did with my Blue lipstick. I looked at instagram accounts, pics offline, review after review and then I went into Sephora with a goal one day: Not leaving without an orange lipstick! and I found one.wpid-20140316_182151.jpg

This little cutie which is almost gone is Sephora brand lipstick in “It Girl” it costs $12.50 which isn’t bad at all for a nice lipstick. It’s a good quality with an average staying power.  The moment I tried it on, I knew it was perfect for me and also the one I’m wearing in the photo above.wpid-20140316_182217.jpg

Here it is with a flash so you can see that it’s nice and bright but rich in color.

wpid-20140316_182209.jpgAnd then without a flash, it’s still rich in color.

After I got this one, I didn’t stop there, I sought out more orange colored lipsticks because I loved how well it went against my skin tone. I came across a few others:wpid-20140316_183443.jpg

These three are what I found and have come to like. The first one on the left is Femme Couture, I have no idea of this company but I find a lot of their products at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It’s color is “Sunset Beach” and it’s a metallic brunt orange. The middle is Kate Moss in #109, it’s a very light orange-cicle color that I won’t wear alone because it’s too bright for my skin tone but works well ombre’d in with the Sephora orange. The last is a mini lipstick I got in a set from Forever 21, I have no idea of the name of the color but it’s a tomato orange color and very vibrant.

wpid-20140316_182656.jpg wpid-20140316_182709.jpg

So with the flash the one on the end is the Kate Moss and it looks more mauve but it’s not. The 3rd one, which is the Femme Couture also looks like a darker mauve, I assure you, it’s not. As you can see, the last one is the mini one and it’s vibrant. The 2nd is the Sephora. I love them all and I can see myself wearing more orange lipstick in the future, especially if I find that NARS or Make Up Forever has a color.

Anywho, thought I’d share my favorite oranges with you. And here I am again looking upset after I found out that I didn’t have to work. In this picture I was almost out the door until I texted my boss and found out I didn’t have to work. UGH!!wpid-20140316_104341.jpg


5 thoughts on “More than 1 Orange Lipstick. . . Really?

  1. Rae says:

    Oh my. Thanks for putting up this post. That orange lipstick from sephora looks so good on you.

    Everyone seems to be intimidated by bright reds and pinks. But no other color is as intimidating and as hard to find a flattering shade as orange (save for the really bold ones like blue or green)

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