BLUE Lipstick so sexy it’ll MELT your face off!

OOOOH Blue lipstick has been my crave of lipstick this season. I have been searching high and low for the perfect color to suit my skin tone and I didn’t get so lucky right off the bat. I looked at every instagram photo with all kinds of “bluelipstick” tags and I came across one color that kept standing out, Melt Cosmetics “DGAF”

….on every woman who wore this color it looked phenomenal. Various skin tones were able to pull this look off so I ventured to the website to purchase it but it was sold out…for 2 MONTHS!! I kept going back to the website and tried searching for it on other sites but it was not available so I ventured to other blue lipsticks. I tried the cheap beauty store colors by Nicka K cosmetics which wasn’t bad but still wasn’t the one.

Then one day when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I went on and there it was..IN STOCK. I quickly put that bad boy in the cart and bought it. It came like the pic above shows and I loved its quick arrival and cute sleek packaging.

So was it worth the wait?


It’s perfect. A nice rich dark blue.


– One swipe gives off full color coverage
– Rich pigment
– Matte with slight drying
– Mixes well with other colors. (Applied a light blue in the center of my lips for an ombre effect and it was gorgeous)wpid-IMG_20140222_044838.jpg
– Scent free
– doesn’t smudge
– Packaging is sleek and dare I say sexy
– Price: $19 + shipping


– Pricing: to spend $19 + shipping brought it to $26 which is steep
– Not a lot of color variation throughout the line but the colors they do offer are fabulous and unique
– Drying…its not bad and expected for a matte but I had to use my baby lips to keep moisturized


I’m very pleased with this color and so many people love it and want me to order it for them but its sold out again so its very popular. Its a risky color to wear and I had to step out of my box to wear this out in public but I did and looked fabulous.


I definitely love it and did light eye makeup so it would stand out on its own.




9 thoughts on “BLUE Lipstick so sexy it’ll MELT your face off!

  1. Rae says:

    Wow, who would’ve thought there’s a wearable blue out there. But why does it have to be expensive *cries*

    We don’t have melt on this side of the universe. 😦

    • momerrell says:

      Yea the price is ridic. . .I was not happy at all but I loved it soooo much and even more when I got it on my skin. I just updated and added the ombre effect pic I made with the melt blue and a cheaper blue.

      • Rae says:

        Oh, go to, there’s a link to “gravatar profile” there. That’s where I changed mine.

      • Rae says:

        Oh, go to wordpress(dot)com/settings/account, there’s a link to “gravatar profile” there. That’s where I changed mine.

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