Concert: YUNA


I Love music.



And listening to it live is the best part about music. I love all kinds of music, I’d say there isn’t a genre that I wouldn’t try and listen to to. My favorites are R&B, Alternative rock, and Alternative Instrumental (YEP- that’s always a shocker). . .when you can create music without words and it still captivates the soul, you are talented my friend. My fav R&B singers are plenty but I like Alicia Keys, Adele, Daley, R. Kelly (when he acting grown) and I just got Lea Michele’s album and I must say it’s effing PHENOMENAL!! My fav bands are KINGS OF LEON (whom I saw last night), Chevelle, 30 Seconds to Mars. . ..and for Alternative instrumental I love Balmorhea (they create music that speaks to my heart on so many levels), Mono, and Explosions in the Sky. I’m always finding new bands to listen to and love so I thought i’d share my experiences with you guys.

I’ll call this the first of my many concert series.

I saw YUNA on Feb 3rd here in Minneapolis, MN at this little spot whose name I can’t remember because I always for its name. I discovered her by randomly listening to some music on youtube and then I went to amazon after hearing a few more songs and brought all of her EPs so LET ME TELL YOU. . .if you haven’t heard of Yuna then stop reading this, open a new window tab, go to youtube and put in YUNA and any song that pops up is worth listening to then come back and finish reading. . . . . .I’ll wait. . . . . . .(I could have put in a link but I wanted you to do some of the work : p)

OKAY, you done? You heard her? What did you think? Isn’t she just adorable?

If you loved her voice, shes sounds even better live and I didn’t think that was possible but man oh man she is graceful, beautiful, classy, funny, and sounds like a fluffy cloud of singing baby fairies. What I love about her other than her amazing voice is her personality and her staying true to who she is. She’s from Malaysia and she’s muslim and is never without a fabulous Hijab.

She sung so elegantly that I was in a trance and really impressed by her stage presence. If you don’t have her new album, NOCTURNAL, you should definitely check it out.

MoMerrellSays: ADD her to your musical collection for a nice vibe of good music.




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