My Miracle Soap!


I ♥ this soap more than I ever knew I could love a soap.

Nothing seemed to working for my sensitive skin and with my weave wearing hairstyles and makeup application,  I was getting bumps on my face…….I was freaking out too!! I’ve read reviews Ib African black soap but never ordered any online so when I saw this in Wal-Mart I had to grab it and it has been my go-to soap ever since.

Why do I LOVE it:

It’s lather is supreme….. it’s scented but very natural…. it clears my face acne in one day….. use all over my body to help with the itching. Only $4 bucks and goes a long way, the suds from the lather is all I need. And I can wash my hair with it!!

What’s good though – has some draw backs:

It’s drying like glycerin soap BUT it was expected so I combat this by immediately once skin is air dried,  apply my Josie Maran argan affinity oil or tea tree oil, almond oil or cetaphil cream. Either one gives my face the moisture it needs and then voila my face is so fresh and so clean.

GIVE THIS A TRY…..I don’t swear by many products but I tell you what,  this is amazing.  The reviews were right even the bad but all the bad reviews mentioned the drying and soaps like this and glycerin WILL dry your skin is all about applying that moisturizer.



10 Products I Would (and Do) Repurchase



Muh Favs

Muh Favs


Just saw this post on The Posh Blog and just had to do it. So if you want to join in. . .go ahead and show me what your top ten favs are.

From left to right:

  • Hollywood Tea Tree oil (local beauty store and Wal-Mart for $2.99 – I use it in my hair and on my face)
  • As I Am Coconut Co-Wash (I absolutely love this stuff, once I went from being natural I still decided to keep co-washing. It smells great and sweet. at Wal-Mart for $8.99)
  • Make Up Forever No. 36 (my all time favorite pank lipstick that I buy over and over again – it looks great on anyone who has tried it on – Sephora $21)
  • Josie Maran Argan Affinity Oil (this is like crack for the skin. . .I can’t explain to you how much this one product has changed my skin, literally. It’s a must have – Sephora $28)
  • Motions Mousse (this is one of my favorite least flaky mousses’, found at Target, Wal-Mart, and Beauty stores for $4.99
  • Maybelline DREAM Liquid Mousse in Cocoa (after spending $36 a bottle on Clinique foundation that was too dark and drying, this was brought on a whim and it has been a staple. It’s amazing on my skin and the perfect color for $8.99)
  • NARS the Multi Stick in G-Spot (This has been a great addition to my makeup. It’s perfect on the cheeks, lips, and eyes for literally, a natural and glowing look. Sephora $39)
  • Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Leave-In Conditioner (I picked this up on a whim at Wal-Mart and it has not left my side since then. The smell is nice and subtle but what it does to my hair is amazing. $8.99)
  • Summer’s Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Cloths (These little babies are perfecto for a nice fresh up down there during a long day out. I keep one in every make-up bag since I take one with me every day, I keep a box in my locker at school, and open any drawer in my bathroom and you’ll find one. They are great ladies. . .a MUST HAVE!!! for . . get this. . . $1.89 *shaking head. . .yep)
  • e.l.f Bronzer in Warm (This was another whim purchase that I thought would be horrible because it was $3 but it has been sharing time with my TanTastic Bronzer that I thought nothing could ever replace. It’s purty good.)

It’s Plastic. . . You Can’t COOK It Mo!

Well. . . .I decided that I wanted to get rid of some of my lipsticks, but not literally throw them away yet find a way to condense them so I don’t have 90 something tubes stored in various drawers and caboodles –  so I ordered an empty palette which was no easy feat no less. I looked on every site I could to find an empty lipstick palette but all I could find was empty eye shadow palettes.

I saw online that MAC had some so I went in the store to pick up one but you can only buy it online. . ..GRRRRR go figure right. So I went online to MAC and brought the lipstick palette.


It’s a 12 slot scooped lipstick palette

They came in two separate pieces, I inserted the slot tray into this case.

They came in two separate pieces, I inserted the slot tray into this case.

I love it. . . .It’s perf and purty so I was really excited to put my lipsticks inside.  Some put their fav lipsticks in here and if I were a MUA, I would but instead I put the “forgottens” inside of it.  Half are Black Radiance and the other half are a mixture from INGLOT to Dots brand lipstick.

I rarely get a chance to wear these because they are in a drawer so this is nice to have

I rarely get a chance to wear these because they are in a drawer so this is nice to have

SOOOOOOO to the point, it’s obvious I love it but is it all good son!?


  • Clean, sleek and a nice size
  • The two parts are simple to put together; put the try inside the palette
  • Price: $2 for the tray, $8 for the palette – NO shipping! How awesome is that?
  • Puts all of my “forgottens” up front for me to see and sleek enough to travel with
  • Quality is great. Sturdy, functional, and light weight.


  • It’s hard as hell to pop that tray out once it’s in so make sure you have a plan in motion before use, lol – seriously!
  • Scratches – I wasn’t too happy to see scratches on the top of the glass but considering the price and no shipping, it’s not a deal breaker but annoying
  • Well. . .it’s not food. Two of the lipsticks were very stubborn and not melting, I kept going in short intervals of 15 seconds. . .I did it for far too long and this happened:
    The edge melted on top and underneath bending it upward. It still fits in the tray but doesn't close all the way :(

    The edge melted on top and underneath bending it upward. It still fits in the tray but doesn’t close all the way and as you can see, there is some spillage 😦



    It won’t close all the way on this side 😦


    It will close nicely on this side but still not all the way and air is getting in so that’s no good 😦


GRRRRRRRR look at what I did? Must have thought I was cooking a sammich or something buuuuut lesson’s learned. Another tray has been ordered and since it came so quick the last time my lipstick will be okay until then except I’m going to have to scoop and melt all over again . . .this shall be interesting!!!

VERDICT: I love this thing and will order it again and again especially since it’s super cheap. I love having my lost colors on display for me to see when I am searching for colors. I love it to be able to take it with me when traveling so I don’t have to take different tubes. I may even take the next one and put my good lipstick inside. . .haven’t decided yet. Either way this is a good buy and after all the research I did, these were the best price and quality.    JUST REMEMBER FOLKS, IT’S PLASTIC. . .YOU CAN’T COOK IT. LOL

The colors without flash

The colors without flash  

My colors with flash

My colors with flash

EYESHADOW BASES: Homeruns or Strike Outs?


I never used eye shadow bases before a few months ago but recently I decided to try some out.

The first one I started with the Milani, I used that for a few months and its mediocre with some creasing by the end of the day and then I came across the Mac eye shadow base pot but I didn’t want to pay that much for it so I looked elsewhere and found the Sigma eyeshadow base. It’s pretty good. I see minimal to no creases after an 8-9 hour work/school day. I used that for a few weeks and then I decided to pick up NYX’s base when Target began to carry the product. It’s just like the Sigma; holds pretty much all day with minimal to no creasing.

I actually like all three of them as they each have served their purposes.  I’ve found myself using the Sigma more but both Sigma and NYX are about the same in quality so I switch between the two so I can give both some love. The Milani is neglected….I won’t buy it again unless it’s a temporary replacement.

So overall,  both the Sigma and NYX are game winning homeruns while Milani strikes out!


Milani     $6.99
NYX       $6.99
SIGMA   $13

What kind do you use?

H&M Has Cosmetics: Is It A HOT MESS or NOT?

I LOOOOOOVE finding new and cheap make-up at random places and H&M had nail polish and eye shadows a while back but now they have a full fledged section of cosmetic products and I was excited to try out what they have as I do like the eyeshadow I brought from them. So this is what I picked up from them:


Two Eyeshadow palettes, the darker color is the one I picked up a few months back. Mascara, Lip gloss, lipstick, and a smaller lip gloss.

The darker palette is called Smoky Blue and the lighter is Smoky Pink (they also have SMOKY on the front of it’s clear top on all of them. The lipstick is called Pink Fool, and the pink tube of lip gloss is called YOU AND ME, and the small tube of red lip gloss is called, Deep Red (which they have their colors mixed up because there is nothing deep about this red).

So as always, to the point, did H&M get it right or right enough or is this line one big HOT ass MESS?!

. . . . . . . .They got it right enough. . . . .


  • Price: Lipsticks are $4.95, Shadows $5.95, Glosses $4.95, Mascara $3.95 so not a bad price at all
  • Quality:
    •  Lipstick: The pink I have is very neon like, not the greatest on pigment but with a liner it’s not bad.
    • Lip Gloss: wpid-20140317_174603.jpgAs you can see in the pic with a flash is not bad (don’t mind my weird look. lol flash was bright) It’s like any other gloss and it’s a bit sticky but not so much. I am surprised at the pigment on my skin tone and it’s the same color as the lipstick but the lipstick is more opaque.
    • The red lip gloss reminds me of OCC Lip Tar and it’s not as pigmented as the OCC but to not have to spend $18 it’s fairly good for a cheap thrill.
    • Mascara: When I opened it, the wand was really big and I don’t like big wands on my mascara but the amount of mascara on the wand was not clumpy like my Ulta one so I can work with this one.
    • Eye Shadows: I love them, of course like with most cheap eye shadows (and even some pricy ones) a base is needed but it has an average staying power. No crease and looks good.
    • wpid-20140317_182023.jpg

      The 1st is 3 swipes of the lipstick, middle is the red, and the last is the pink tube of gloss. Without a flash you can see the color good on my skin tone so not bad for me.


      And in the same order as the previous pic but with a flash and again, the color payoff is not bad.

  • Design: The eye shadows are perfect in size, I love the rectangular shaped palettes. The lipstick tube is a bit bulky but I like the color showing at the bottom and it’s not far off the beaten path. The red tube is bleh. . .messy like OCC Lip Tar and the lip gloss pink tube is average although I wish more would come out on the wand.


  • To be honest there isn’t much bad about these except maybe color payoff but for the price they are good to go.

And just a photo of it all without the flash as I love to show how it looks in both light and no light.

THE VERDICT: I like them. They also had nail polish, lipstick/gloss duos, lip pencils which didn’t look to be too good on the color payoff right in the tube but who knows, bronzers, different shadow palettes, brushes, eyeshadow pencils, eye lashes, and body wash and soaps. So they have stepped their game up and it’s not a bad game. I think they are definitely worth picking up one or two of the items to have as backups or just to have.I am gonna go back for the bronzers because they looked great and a shadow stick. I don’t plan on getting the regular brushes but their kabuki brushes didn’t look so bad.

Okie doke. . .Let me know if you go pick some up and what you grab.

More than 1 Orange Lipstick. . . Really?


Yes, really. I’ve been seeing so many posts about Orange lipstick lately and it’s been a 50/50 love/hate on the color. I love the color a lot so I thought I’d post about my favorite oranges. It took me a while to find the color I liked, I was so afraid at first to wear orange because it was so bold, even bolder than my brightest pink (and I have some showstopping bright pinks for my dark self) but I set out on a mission like I did with my Blue lipstick. I looked at instagram accounts, pics offline, review after review and then I went into Sephora with a goal one day: Not leaving without an orange lipstick! and I found one.wpid-20140316_182151.jpg

This little cutie which is almost gone is Sephora brand lipstick in “It Girl” it costs $12.50 which isn’t bad at all for a nice lipstick. It’s a good quality with an average staying power.  The moment I tried it on, I knew it was perfect for me and also the one I’m wearing in the photo above.wpid-20140316_182217.jpg

Here it is with a flash so you can see that it’s nice and bright but rich in color.

wpid-20140316_182209.jpgAnd then without a flash, it’s still rich in color.

After I got this one, I didn’t stop there, I sought out more orange colored lipsticks because I loved how well it went against my skin tone. I came across a few others:wpid-20140316_183443.jpg

These three are what I found and have come to like. The first one on the left is Femme Couture, I have no idea of this company but I find a lot of their products at Sally’s Beauty Supply. It’s color is “Sunset Beach” and it’s a metallic brunt orange. The middle is Kate Moss in #109, it’s a very light orange-cicle color that I won’t wear alone because it’s too bright for my skin tone but works well ombre’d in with the Sephora orange. The last is a mini lipstick I got in a set from Forever 21, I have no idea of the name of the color but it’s a tomato orange color and very vibrant.

wpid-20140316_182656.jpg wpid-20140316_182709.jpg

So with the flash the one on the end is the Kate Moss and it looks more mauve but it’s not. The 3rd one, which is the Femme Couture also looks like a darker mauve, I assure you, it’s not. As you can see, the last one is the mini one and it’s vibrant. The 2nd is the Sephora. I love them all and I can see myself wearing more orange lipstick in the future, especially if I find that NARS or Make Up Forever has a color.

Anywho, thought I’d share my favorite oranges with you. And here I am again looking upset after I found out that I didn’t have to work. In this picture I was almost out the door until I texted my boss and found out I didn’t have to work. UGH!!wpid-20140316_104341.jpg

NYX Liquid Illuminator- Is it really Born to Glow?


SOOOOOOO Target has been revamping lately and added an entire NYX and ELF cosmetic section, as well as Shea Moisture cosmetics. . .and naturally this gets my blood flowing because I get super excited about new makeup BUT I am not a fan of NYX’s lipsticks. I have gotten 3 kinds; a cream, a matte, and something else and I hate them all. I find nothing awesome about them and don’t get the hype. So I thought I’d try some of their other products and I love their liners. . . .so I picked this up and it’s just as crappy as the lipstick.

WHY you ask? Is it really Born to Glow like it says on the package. . .

I’ll tell you. . . .ehhhhh NO.


  • For women who would like this, the price is okay. It’s around $7.99 so not a bad price considering what I pay for NARS (although NARS is quality so. . .)
  • For lighter toned women, I can see it being of some use.


  • Quality- this is just UGH so annoyingly not good. It’s nice and thin but it’s sticky. Feels very tacky.
  • It’s like an eyeshadow base, it dries up so fast that you can’t blend well on skin.
  • It leaves a streak if not blended well so it’s only useful to me to be worn under foundation or BB Cream (but that defeats the purpose for me really)

THE VERDICT: For the price I will keep it because returning it means finding the receipt and I lost it GRRRR. But it’s not so bad considering the price. I won’t buy it again but now that I’ve had it for about two weeks I know how to work with it so it takes some working to blend it. I’d say, for a good illuminator, stick with quality products on this one.



(With flash)


This is how fast it dries, I put it on my arm, uploaded the pics and then touched it and it was dry as ever so I rubbed it about 3 times and it broke up on my skin like so.

BLUE Lipstick so sexy it’ll MELT your face off!

OOOOH Blue lipstick has been my crave of lipstick this season. I have been searching high and low for the perfect color to suit my skin tone and I didn’t get so lucky right off the bat. I looked at every instagram photo with all kinds of “bluelipstick” tags and I came across one color that kept standing out, Melt Cosmetics “DGAF”

….on every woman who wore this color it looked phenomenal. Various skin tones were able to pull this look off so I ventured to the website to purchase it but it was sold out…for 2 MONTHS!! I kept going back to the website and tried searching for it on other sites but it was not available so I ventured to other blue lipsticks. I tried the cheap beauty store colors by Nicka K cosmetics which wasn’t bad but still wasn’t the one.

Then one day when I wasn’t even thinking about it, I went on and there it was..IN STOCK. I quickly put that bad boy in the cart and bought it. It came like the pic above shows and I loved its quick arrival and cute sleek packaging.

So was it worth the wait?


It’s perfect. A nice rich dark blue.


– One swipe gives off full color coverage
– Rich pigment
– Matte with slight drying
– Mixes well with other colors. (Applied a light blue in the center of my lips for an ombre effect and it was gorgeous)wpid-IMG_20140222_044838.jpg
– Scent free
– doesn’t smudge
– Packaging is sleek and dare I say sexy
– Price: $19 + shipping


– Pricing: to spend $19 + shipping brought it to $26 which is steep
– Not a lot of color variation throughout the line but the colors they do offer are fabulous and unique
– Drying…its not bad and expected for a matte but I had to use my baby lips to keep moisturized


I’m very pleased with this color and so many people love it and want me to order it for them but its sold out again so its very popular. Its a risky color to wear and I had to step out of my box to wear this out in public but I did and looked fabulous.


I definitely love it and did light eye makeup so it would stand out on its own.



The EyeShadow Tag

wpid-20140312_193611.jpgSo with the creation of The Lipstick Tag I wanted to create an Eye Shadow Tag for 2 reasons.

1. To show me what you wonderful ladies are putting on your eyes, and

2. To help me with picking out new eye shadows.

I have a hard time with choosing eye shadow palettes and it’s because I break out from some of them if I don’t carefully use them so I can’t spend too much money on them but I do like variety so I like to see what you ladies have in your collection.

So when you’re tagged or even if you’re reading it go ahead and comment below and add the link to your tag so I can take a peeksie. I’ll answer my own questions too.

I own 26 palettes, 6 eyeshadow pencils and 3 individuals. It sounds like a lot but I really only love and use 4 of them the most.

I realized when shopping for new kinds that I love matte more than shiny, matte just looks better on my skin.

Until recently I just threw them out after 3 months because of my breakouts but now I clean them when I feel like I have used them too much.

HMMM I am loving my Sigma palette and my Milani palette that is absolutely amazing.

Actually, walmart or target because I use the smaller quads.

WHATS YOUR CUT OFF PRICE WHEN BUYING EYE SHADOW PALETTES? The sigma one is the most recent and I got it on sale for $28 I won’t go above $35 which is still pretty high.

WHAT KIND OF PRIMER, IF ANY, DO YOU USE UNDER YOUR EYE SHADOW APPLICATION? I have 3, a black radiance one in a squeeze tube; it’s okay, it was my first one and did the trick. Sigma nude/white and NYX nude primer. I like them all the same actually, neither is worse nor better than the other except for the prices.

I was never crazy about which brush to use except for now. . .now I like the flat E45 sigma brush.

Thanks Guys!