ALL OF THIS FROM ULTA. . . .for $12.99?

I’ve never shopped at Ulta before, not in store or online so I decided to take my fangers on over to the website since a store isn’t close by and check out what they had to offer me.

I found myself skimming through the site, checking out the deals and items they had and you know, it’s not bad. It’s a site I’d go to again. On this particular mission I was looking for makeup – DUH – specifically lipstick. I went on over to the sale tab and found a few goodies for good prices. The first thing I found was this 13 pc Makeup Set:

Ulta stuff

Not a bad overhaul huh? Included in this little box of goodies are:

2 Quad eye shadow – Lipstick – Lip gloss – Mascara – 3 Make up brushes – Blush – Skin cleaner – Double ended eye liner – Nail polish – A makeup bag – Benefit skincare sample and Matrix Shampoo sample. . .again not bad for 13 bucks!

BUT with everything in life, we have the good and the bad so let’s find out if this was 13 dollars well spent or two wasted trips to Starbucks.

First up:

LIPSTICK  in CAPPUCCINO- Nothing special here about it. Your standard lipstick. It’s very sheer in it’s color. No Scent so that’s good. The packaging is cheap and since I’ve never had ULTA brand lipstick before I guess I was expecting a far better quality of lipstick but WTH it’s not that bad.

ulta lipstick in cappuccino w/ flash ulta lipstick in cappuccino no flashUlta lipstick

VERDICT: It’s a nice neutral lip on a neutral makeup day. I don’t mind having it but I wouldn’t purposely buy it again.

ULTA HYDRA QUENCH FOAMING OIL CLEANSER – I don’t use other skin care products besides the ones I always use because I have sensitive skin so this will sit in a box until, IDK, maybe I head out of town one day and need some cleanser.

VERDICT: Won’t be using nor purchasing solo

NAIL POLISH in PINATA-YADA – It’s a cute and fun little polish. I normally don’t care for confetti polishes but this one isn’t so bad. It’s not so great solo and would look a lot better over a more solid color lipstick.

VERDICT: I’m interested in trying ULTA’s nail polish line so I will be checking out more of their nail polishes.

Ulta skin care cleanser and polish in Pinata-Yada

ULTA Super Shiny Lip Gloss in FLIRTINI – Eh it’s lip gloss and I am not the biggest fan of tubed lip glosses (unless it’s the dollar store brand that I love and will blog about on another post)

VERDICT: It’ll stay in the lip gloss drawer. I usually bring a lip gloss with me that matches my lip stick in case the matte gets too dry and I need a pick me upper. I wouldn’t buy on purpose tho.

ULTA PLUSH DRAMA MASCARA in JET BLACK – It’s mascara, nothing special. It’s a bit too thick on application so I will have to check its wear out over time and see how good this holds up.

VERDICT: If it’s a good mascara I wouldn’t mind purchasing it. You can never go wrong with a good mascara.

ULTA DUAL ENDED LINER IN DEEP BROWN & BLACK – I LIKE IT! It’s a liner so you can’t expect much but the black is very nice and dark. The brown is not so much deep to me but it’s okay.

VERDICT: If there was an Ulta store close by and I could go and buy the liners then yea I’d go but having to get them off line, I wouldn’t do it because I can find a liner just about anywhere else near me.

Ulta mascara, double liner, & lipgloss

ULTA BLUSH in SUNKISSED – Who doesn’t love a cute little travel size blush? It’s a very sheer sunkissed color which goes nice against my bronzer.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t mind purchasing this again. If I do another Ulta haul then I’d put one of these in the basket.

Ulta Blush Ulta blush in sunkissed

ULTA EYESHADOW QUADS in NEUTRAL & FANTASIA – I love a small eyeshadow quad vs the bigger palletes because I can take the small ones with me and with my how my days are, I always take a makeup bag with me to school to retouch after my yoga classes.

Ulta eyeshadow Quads in Neutral and FantasiaThe neutral quad is the one on the right and the colors from right to left top to bottom are: Bone, Truffle, Ice Queen, & Gun Metal – The Fantasia Quad colors are: Aztec Gold, Deep Sea, Majesty, & Galaxy

I am pleasantly surprised at how good these little cuties are. Nice pigments, good smudge to em too.

wpid-20140217_180237.jpg wpid-20140217_180259.jpg

My swatch abilities are not the best so look past that & focus on the colors *these are swatched like they are listed*

VERDICT: I like a small eyeshadow so I have no problem purchasing these again on my next Ulta haul. I also like the clear packaging, very sleek and simple and shows me the colors up front.

ULTA CONTOUR, SPONGE, & EYESHADOW BRUSHES – I don’t particularly like the feel of the brushes bristles but they are not the worst. A little stiffer than you’d like in a brush but for the cost and inclusion to this package it’s nice to have an extra brush or three. I personally like that they are clear, makes for easier cleaning to me.

VERDICT: I wouldn’t buy these solo but I wouldn’t mind getting them in a little set like this again.


I also received some free samples which are included in the main photo. Those were:

BENEFIT THE POREfessional PRO BALM AND TOTAL MOISTURIZING FACIAL CREAM  & MATRIX SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER- I am afraid to try new skin care stuff on my face but since these are little in size I will give it a go and see what happens, who knows I may actually like the product so I will keep you posted on what I decided with these. I normally only keep the sample shampoos for travel.

VERDICT: Samples are fun to have on hand especially when you travel and being that you can’t bring big bottles on the airplane (but you can bring a knife 0_o then these are great to have in your stock. If I like how these work I wouldn’t mind purchasing full sized samples.



Everything fits in the bag with room to spare. I adore this cute little bag and will be using it more than I thought I would. It’s a nice size and a nicer size than the one I just brought and a cute bronze color. This one will probably stay in my locker.

Well that was all a mouth full. . . .it’s a GREAT deal. The amount of items is well worth the $13 and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another set like this from Ulta again.




4 thoughts on “ALL OF THIS FROM ULTA. . . .for $12.99?

    • momerrell says:

      Samples are always a highlight because u don’t know what they are going to be. Lol. I tried the Benefit cream afterall and oh my…its fantastic. the way it feels on my skin….absolutely amazing.

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