LORAC Cosmetics Lipstick: IS LORAC ALL THAT?

HA, Look at that corny little play of words. OOH YEA I’m so awesome at that. *chuckle – snort*

Any who let’s get dowwwwwn to business.

Here is the product:


With flash


Obvs without flash

I had been seeing this brand around so I thought I’d give it a go. I purchased from the website but I believe they sell it in Sephora. . .I think .

So is LORAC all THAT?

EHH this lipstick isn’t much to call home about.


  • Packaging – It’s so sleek and small. It’s almost like an ink pen (a slighter fatter ink pen than most) it’s a metallic color (flash makes it look black) and it’s just so damn adorable like I could pull it from my bra and do a magic trick with it. They definitely get points for design. Not to mention, when you pull the cap off and replace it, it has a push to it. So you know it’s going to stay on. . .unlike those INGLOTS. UGH!
  • Lightly Scented, very lightly scented with a sweet tea kind of smell (YEA Sweet Tea not that McDonalds fake ass dirty swamp-sugar-water tea though, real good sweet tea)
  • Quality- not bad but again nothing to rave about here


  • Staying Power- This is called 8 hour Lip Luxe. . .eh not even an hour really. I so hate when they advertise something and it’s so far from the beaten path that you wonder if they even tried the product out for themselves. LMAO
      • The Color is: ORCHID and online it looks nice and dark but in person it’s very light and sheer with a slight color payoff especially for my dark skin.
  • Texture: It’s creamy but not thick. Light weight which should be in the good section but it’s down here because it’s one of the reasons why the color payoff isn’t so great.
  • Price- for $16 (+ shipping) eh I can find a cheaper tube else where with a better color pay off.

THE VERDICT: This is one product. . .I am not going to give up on this brand just yet. I will try their “normal” lipsticks. See what their mattes are about. I will check out there eye shadows and a few other things but this particular lipstick is nothing special – hopefully I will try them out in a store first before buying online


The first swipe is just one swipe so you can see how much it doesn’t show and is sheer. The second is about 3 or 4 swipes and still not a good color pay off.


Same photo but with a flash. . .Nothing there really you know.

As I say about most of these kinds of lipsticks; they would look much better on a lighter skin tone where the color can show more on them. I’m not really dark and you can see this color on me nicely (my lips are a cute ombre brown and nude so I don’t wanna take it off right now to put this on and pic it. . .sorry.  LOL <—- not really I’m eating pizza and drinking a vodka mix.




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