INGLOT: Is The Lipstick As Bad As Their Customer Service?

I have been on a kick with makeup lately. I love finding brands I haven’t used before to check em out and see if they  live up to their hype. With all the brands I see that I haven’t heard of or have yet to use I decided to pick up a few.

Today’s lipstick is by INGLOT Cosmetics. I still have no idea how to pronounce it (ENG-Glot) (Ing-Glo) eh ok. .  but I like it. . .the name. Below are the two items I purchased from their website:

wpid-IMG_20140212_055945.jpg wpid-20140212_175718.jpg

They have no colors listed on them just numbers and the nude color is #410 and the Slim Gel Lipstick is in #65. . .but before we get to the nitty gritty of the cosmetics let’s talk the title of this post: CUSTOMER SERVICE

I placed an order from the website on Feb 2nd and about a few minutes later I got an email letting me know that I purchased an item(s). In the email I saw a link that led me to the website where I could log in (as it said I could check the status of my purchase there), I like to go in to websites and just triple check everything however, I couldn’t log in using the information I set my account up with SAY WHAT!!!. Every time I entered my info it’ll pop back that I don’t exist in the system but I just purchased something so I was livid to say the least. I tried various times after that (the next hour, the next day, the day after the next, that next morning) but NO LUCK then I emailed the company to let them know I was having a problem logging in.

So I waited and on the 7th I had remembered that I had emailed them and received no response so of course, I tried again to log in. . .no luck.

Now because I have virtually, physically, and literally not an ounce of patience I tried it one more time on the 8th to another “that email doesn’t exist” then I was REALLY annoyed and emailed the company that I could not log into my account (Still) to see my purchase and I ended up waiting . . . . . .waiting. . . . . .waiting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Now I was PISSED off. Keep in mind I ordered this on the 2nd with no shipment information available to me from the website or anywhere else and 8 days later I had no package or nothing (but my card was charged $33 immediately). This time I went to Instagram and I blasted them under one of their photos for lack of communication and asked where my product was because there isn’t a phone number for you to call them. In the mean time I received 3 cosmetic packages from different websites that I ordered on the same day and one that I ordered on the 8th and received 2 days later (just comparing). SO after hitting up IG and getting all testy and attitudey – on the 10th I get this email:

“Our offices are closed on weekends, which explains the lack of correspondence from your original email sent Saturday Feb. 8th.

It was longer than this but this is the gist of the BS. They included my tracking number to my package, but SERIOUSLY how is it a M-F type thing when you have people ordering shipments at any day?! Why is this not on their website (they say it is, but I didn’t see it *Side eye*) Then miraculously yesterday, the 12th I get my package. I honestly think they never sent it out and did so once I complained. To check that I wasn’t tripping I pulled up reviews on INGLOT and sure enough, consumers had the same thing to say BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE – late packages – no tracking info- and on and on.

Anywho I have the packages and I really didn’t want them anymore but since they are here, eff it, I’ll try em.

SO is the product as bad as the customer service?

wpid-IMG_20140212_061847.jpg wpid-IMG_20140212_062148.jpg

The lipsticks with a flash (without a flash would have made them almost impossible to see in my bathroom light. The purple is not really that opaque).

They are not really great but not really bad either. Mediocre and “basic” at best.


  • Scent free
  • Packaging is sleek and black with simplicity to its design
  • Small in size but not too small


  • Packaging – when I pulled the tube off the lipstick it broke (the top came off but the protective plastic that goes inside of the tube was still there so I put the cap back on to tighten it. *update Tube broke off on the other one too hmmmp. . .faulty shit!
  • Staying power – the nude lipstick is matte although I had to constantly reapply this (unlike my F21 lipstick from yesterday *hmmmm*) so that says a lot. *update absolutely lacking in staying power. And it’s a bit too drying. Without my baby lips I would have looked sickly with flaky lips : (
  • Tacky feeling – if you wear matte lipstick then you know the feeling, when you put your lips together and it’s not sticky but tacky, almost wet clay like feeling on your lips. . yea this is that. (I’ve been applying baby lips with application)
  • Drying – not bad it’s more so the tacky feeling that makes it appear to be drying but it’s actually quite light weight.
  • Not true to color – The nude is okay, I mean you can’t expect much from a nude. It’s either going to be just right or horrible. This one for color is just right but still nothing impressive. The purple was a HUGE disappointment. It’s so sheer and light in color but it’s represented to be much darker. . .grrrrrr no fair!

THE VERDICT: Hell To the NO I will not purchase from them again. Not from the website, not from a store nor would I even accept it if it was given to me for free. Bad customer services leaves a bad taste in my mouth like how curry tastes when I don’t know it’s in the food and I swallow; currily surprised! If this was just my experience then I’d consider purchasing from them again but considering that there are various online complaints about their service then NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Also I am not a solid fan of the formula. Honestly – and not speaking from bad customer service anger- I have better brands that are cheaper and in my grasp versus waiting forever for a shipment of faulty merchandise.

Based off of the customer services alone. . . INGLOT. . .I think NOT!

wpid-20140212_180936.jpg wpid-20140212_180944.jpg

Both Photos: The first photo is without a flash and it’s one swipe and then 3 swipes and then flash with the same photo. As you can see, one swipe is not good enough at all. These were a disappointment for sure and a waste of darn money but I have tried them and will wear them but that’s about all INGLOT gets from me!



So this keeps happening every time I take the top off…
Yea I will not purchase this crap again!!!!


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