Today’s Suprising Lipsticks STAYING POWER

Because I have a lot of lipstick – about 6o something tubes – I decided that I should start wearing them all or the purpose of them becomes just me collecting lipsticks, lol. So I make it a point to wear a different color every day and today I chose a lipstick I picked up form FOREVER 21 a few weeks ago.


YES it’s a mini lipstick – how cute huh!! They come in this adorbs little package of 7 minis for $7.80 – I was curious as to what they looked like on and because I like the cute little packaging

So today I wore one of the colors, I think it is the first color in the pic of them all but because they are not labeled it’s hard to know which color is which. On the inside of the little box are the color names but who knows which belongs to which.



I’ve had this color on since I left the house this morning at about 7:30am and it is now 12:25 pm and I have applied twice: once after eating breakfast an hour after I left the house and about 30 mins ago to touch up when I really didn’t need to.


  • Matte – actually a pretty good non-drying matte feel and color
  • Tiny cute little packaging – I just love it
  • No scent


  • Quality – can’t expect much from this but it’s not bad just that I feel like it will melt if in too hot of conditions

VERDICT: I love the little set and will def keep them in my rotation. I brought a bigger and better lipstick with me just in case this one did not  “act” right throughout the day and I have yet to use that one so not bad at all. I’d recommend picking one up from Forever21, nothing wrong with having some tiny little back up lipsticks or main lipsticks for your day. These will be great for those nights/days when you are carrying a small/tiny bag/clutch/purse and don’t have room for a big lipstick tube.


I really wanted to show the true color. This was taken without a flash. As you can see I need to reapply after my coffee but nothing too drastic.





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