Beliebe Me: The Kids Album Is Good

Yea…. this is a blog post about Justin Bieber….well about his album.

You ask….
because I love the album JOURNALS and I find that people over look good music because of a public image.

I became a Bieber fan because of my son who two years ago was a huge fan but like most kids today he was swayed away from liking him because other kids didn’t like him and at 12 he’s just too cool for Justin (I explained what having your own opinion was and such) but I grew to love the kids music.  It’s always upbeat…. now he’s grown up and so has his music.


This album;  Journals is just like the SPIN article claims:


He made a great R&B album. It’s become one of my favorites and this along with the last album is on MY playlist/ipod.

His last album was a sense into what he’d create next.  It was upbeat,  appealed to both a younger and older (mid 20s) crowd with rap features and him exploring his romantic side.

Now on JOURNALS I was shocked at how adult this album is.  He’s talking bout relationships,  love, heartache, sex….all the stuff we hear anyway.  LOL. The production value is good,  nice solid beats to rock to and his voice has sprouted in puberty.  You can hear his whiny effect but you can hear that roughness that’s appeared.

My favs are:

Heartbreaker- Simply cute
All That Matters – Sultry, loving, sweet with a nice beat
Hold Tight- completely a grown Justin
Recovery- one if my fav favs. Comes on straight to the point and anyone who had a breakup can relate
Bad Day- you are taken back to the 90s (lol he wasn’t born then was he)
All Bad- The intro is hot…lyrics adult,  sultry, and relatable from a guy and girl standpoint
PYD ft R. Kelly – Sexxxy..Put You Down… explains it all. My hips get tov swaying
Change Me- my top fav. Slow. Sultry. Grown man lyrics. Just a beautiful song.
Confident ft. Chance The Rapper – This is nice, talks abt a confident chick and her good sex and Chances verse is cute
One Life – Another grown up version of Justin. Lyrics for the ladies. Another one of fav favs.
Backpack ft Lil Wayne- it’s different. ..odd…. but good.
Swap It Out- upbeat, dmfun, chorus is annoying but still one to rock to.

*3 songs didn’t make the list: Roller Coaster, What’s Hatnin ft. Future, Memphis ft. Big Sean…. just didn’t like those.

Now… of course the kid has had some public image issues and to that I say this: what parent allows their 17 multimillionaire CHILD move into a mansion on his own,  party with ADULTS in adult situations. … what kind of parent let’s a CHILD with over $100M dollars make his own decisions. You take him from normalcy,  plaster him over tv’s,  take away his childhood and humility while you run off to write dumb ass books and daddy try to play “too cool”….. no wonder he’s taking antidepressants with liquor and spending $75k on strippers when he’s only 19.

YES… Justin has to be held accountable for his own actions but when you give a kid power and the mindset that he can do what he wants what do u expect?  He is no longer known for his talents. .. he’s ridiculed for being a pretty white boy with a nice voice who is rich and does dumb shit cause he has the money and freedom to and because the media loves to bully people.

I feel for him and I hope the adults around him stop using him for his money/status and give this kid some structure.

Where the hell are his parents?  Oh they embarrassed so they’re probably hiding now when they weren’t before. Pitiful.

Anywho I like artists for their talents, I can’t judge him because he’s in the spotlight because I’m far more bat shit crazy than he.. I’m just broke.

Kudos JB.
You got a fan in me kid.



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