New Lipstick: Drew Barrymore “Flower”

Does this lipstick have any FLOWER POWER?

wpid-IMG_20140208_101014.jpgThe color is: Desert Flower

(No flash)


Well I purchased this lipstick a while ago in a nude color but took it back because it was not a nude for me.  This time I decided to give the lipstick another try.

Background: Sold exclusively at Walmart and created by actress Drew Barrymore.  It’s fairly priced like most makeup and cosmetics at Wal-Mart.


Yes and No.


■ Price: $6.98

■ Quality: Not bad…holds up well. Staying power is surprisingly nice. Matte is matte and cream is creamy

■ Variety: For those whose skin tone this works on,  you’ll have a nice variety of colors to choose from

■ Unscented (yay!)

The BAD:

■ Packaging: As its cute..its a bit bulky. ..I’ve got bulkier ones so this isn’t a deal breaker

■ Color: This is the second time with this product and the color is not true to what the package shows.  It’s far lighter than expected.  Needs a few swipes to be nice and opaque

■ A bit drying but I use baby lips under it and that eliminates that issue

THE VERDICT: I’m interested in trying more from her line especially the chunky lip and eye pencils. She has foundation but I’ll be honest this isn’t for darker skinned women however I’ve seen the line grow this past yr so maybe darker colors will be available to suit different shades.


One swipe – a few swipes (no flash)


One swipe – a few swipes (with flash)


Me wearing it today. .. right now. No filter in this pic, taken with the front facing camera.


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