The WORST Nail Polish EVER: What a Circus!

Last night my honey and I went on a date and after I was dressed and he was on his way I realized that my already unappealing, stubbed nailed hands needed some polish soooooo I venture over to my nail polish basket and pick out the quickest drying pink color that I have which was this one:

wpid-20140208_121326.jpgHere it is pictured near my delicious and perfect bagel and cream cheese. It was during my breakfast that I realized how much I truly hate this damn polish. . .it’s called Circus by Who The Hell Ever

I got it from a friend who got it from one of her ipsy monthly beauty box subscriptions. The first night I wore it, it chipped really bad but I thought WTH I’ll keep it anyway.

WEEELLLLLLL. . .I didn’t realize how bad of a chip job it was until I used it again last night.

Let’s walk through my time line:

  • Applied at 9:47 pm
  • Dried before I finished the last nail
  • Coats: 1
  • Bases/Top Coats: None
  • First chippage: Sometime between 2 am and this morning
  • My Actions: Nothing, ate dinner had a few drinks. . .BOOM nothing drastic

AND so this is what I woke up to (forewarning my hands are not purty so no need to mention it, I know thisssss but we are focusing on the polish. . .) I know I should have put on a base and top coat but I love polish that can be used on the go when you are in a rush and don’t have time to prep the nails. This is not that polish. . .

wpid-20140208_121355.jpg wpid-20140208_121345.jpg

UHH yea all I did was sleep and wake up. This literally chipped, all by itself in about 9 hours

Now I have to take it off, I hate taking polish off after one day because since I dislike the scent of nail polish remover I do not use it in the house so I go on the balcony – it’s -5 degrees today. . .UGH

So there you have it, I woke up, upset looking at my crusty cuticles and chipped nail polish. My guy left, he probably saw my hands. BWAHAHAHAHA! In the time that it took me write this (7 mins) the nails have chipped more. . .smh it’s like the anti-nail polish. The website recommends I prep my nails before using this polish which means that they know how horrible it chips and at almost $7 that’s just ridiculous.

I did research on the  about who is behind this anti-nail polish and it’s a sweet chick named Andrea from YouTube. I feel slightly bad writing a horrible review of a fellow entrepreneur product but I can’t lie or else I am doing no one any favors.  As I am glad of her success, I hate this nail polish. Period. I hope she perfects her product and continues on with much success in the future.

VERDICT: I will never buy this product and If I get it in a beauty bag I will throw it out or give it to someone’s kid who likes to play in polish. This isn’t for the big girls who love to paint their nails. But if you are a parent who has a daughter who likes to play dress up and don’t want her ruining your expensive nail polish; this is your answer.




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