NEW LIPSTICK: DOSE OF COLORS- Is It a Good Dose or a Bad Dose??

Well Another lipstick made it’s way into the mailbox today – Dose of Colors – It’s Vegan, made in the USA and the website is (I’m expecting some Lorac, Melt Cosmetics, INGLOT, and a SUE DEWITT tube of lipstick. All brands I haven’t tried before.)

wpid-IMG_20140206_074203.jpg wpid-IMG_20140206_074219.jpg
This the the product: The left is with a flash and the right is without. I love the little card that accompanies the purchase. Absolutely cute! The color is SEDUCTIVE!

SO TO THE POINT- Good Dose or Bad Dose?

Considering that I just got this in the mail a few hours ago I can say by my experience with lipstick-that this- in this short period of time is a GOOD DOSE of lipstick!

wpid-IMG_20140206_074032.jpg wpid-IMG_20140206_074056.jpg

wpid-IMG_20140206_074142.jpg wpid-IMG_20140206_074114.jpg

This is the color, the two bottom are with the flash (Obvs) It’s lot brighter in person than I think the non-flash makes it look. It’s quite bright, like really bright, and I really like it. . but. . . is it all GOOD??

The Good:

  • Price: $16 with a flat shipping rate of $5.50, not bad
  • Packaging: Girly, cute, fun and that’s just the box it came in – the tube is nice and sleek, functional (one hand top removal)
  • Quality: Vegan, Paraben, Cruelty FREE and NO SCENT
  • Application: Very nice, one swipe gives good, rich, creamy color
  • Staying Power: Thus far, no problem but I can see it being light on the staying power due to it’s creamy texture
  • Feel: It’s like I have nothing on my lips. Not heavy at all for a creamy lipstick

The BAD:

  • Feel: I can see there being a slight, very slight problem with the creamy factor for some who are like me and LOVE all things MATTE nothing too drastic to steer you away
  • Not a huge variety of colors available but I know that they just started carrying lipstick vs their lipgloss so hopefully more colors in the future
  • After having it on for about an hour now, I can feel it becoming a bit dry, not too drying, actually it’s a dry feeling that I like. It’s creamy texture has faded a bit and now I have semi-matte feel with a shine so it’s a good and a bad thing depending on what you like.

VERDICT: I am impressed!! I am checking out the website and picking up a few more colors because they are worth it. I love that there isn’t a scent of any kind. I adore the white packaging, very different from whats in my collection as far as color of tube goes. It’s very true to the color and swatches I saw online. I am SOLD. I recommend you give them a try and let me know what you think.  Below are swatches:

wpid-IMG_20140206_073937.jpg wpid-IMG_20140206_073914.jpg

Kept it big so you can literally see the quality. This is just one swipe. No flash and Flash on right.




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