ColouredRaine Lipstick: Does it live up to it’s hype?


I spend a lot of time looking for new lipstick. YES, it’s an obsession but I enjoy lipstick so as long as I’m not ridiculous with it, YET, then it’s all good.

As a lover of makeup and cosmetics, Instagram has become a wonderful place to visually review makeup brands and colors on various skin tones, etc. One of the brands that I came across has been this Coloured Raine so I ventured to the website to check out their selection and like most new or well-known lipstick trends, they have all the bright colors women crave; yellow, blue, green. . .white and being that I was in the market for a nice dark blue and purple, I took a peek.

I checked out their product for weeks before deciding on a color. This one is called MONROE. . .when all else fails, I always get pink.

SO enough babble talk, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: Does it live up to the HYPE?

EH, No Not really.

One of the things that kept me from buying this for so long is that on the site it states that the lipstick has a slight cherry scent. I dislike scented lipsticks especially sweet ones but I was optimistic.


  •  Nice color (on paper)
  • Price $14
  • Packaging: Cute, pink, round tip like MAC


  • Color: Once I saw the lipstick in the tube up-close I knew that the pigment would not be as I wanted it to. One swipe was not good enough and after a few swipes I received a nice pigment but it wasn’t solid. There were some streaks that I didn’t fancy but nothing too serious.
  • Price: As the $14 is okay, the shipping brought my total to about $20 and eh I wasn’t feeling spending that much on a lipstick I never tried but what can you do when you wanna try it huh?
  • Packaging: As it is a cute pink, it was cheap feeling. Plastic that would crack instantly if accidentally dropped
  • Smell: That god awful cherry scent gave me a migraine
  • Quality: Sub par and “normal” nothing special here

THE VERDICT:  I decided that I couldn’t keep this lipstick, there is no way I can deal with the smell (I am keeping it for a friend for when I see her). If this was sold in stores and was about half the cost, then yes I’d try out their darker colors to check out the pigments but then again there is that scent so I probably wouldn’t but I’d advise others to.  It’s not a horrible lipstick, it’s cute, fun, nice color variety but it’s just not for me.There are far better brands on the market, this was just mediocre to me.


In this photo, the only filter is the black and white, the color is very true. Has not been altered.


4 thoughts on “ColouredRaine Lipstick: Does it live up to it’s hype?

    • momerrell says:

      It held up fairly well although I had to reapply like I do my Maybelline so it’s not a very strong color but I do think my darker skin tone played a part in that. It was an uneven fade too, it didn’t apply on smoothly. You’d definitely have to use a liner.

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